Week 45/52 : Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today

(Quote by James Dean)

Quick shot taken the other day.  I was playing around with this new lipstick that my aunt gave me and I decided to take a few pictures to see if it was a good shade for me. Since I’m a bit behind on my 52-week project, I figured I might as well edit one of them for my self portrait this week. I chose this one because I like that my hair looks healthy in this photo. (It’s really very damaged IRL T__T)

I didn’t have time to take a proper self portrait last week because I spent most of it travelling back and forth to Manila:

  • Monday – Went to the mall with Ezra and Raffy while waiting for our parents to finish their meeting.
  • Tuesday – Dropped my parents off at the airport then went to UPD to pay my tuition fee. The line was 3 floors long when I got there and it took me 3 hours to pay my tuition of P40.  Argh!  (I know that I could have just come back another day, but I was already there and I didn’t think it would take that long.  Tch~)
  • Wednesday – Got to rest at home
  • Thursday – Went to UPD with Amie to give my reader and examiners a copy of my thesis manuscript. I also filed some of the required paperwork for my thesis defense next month.  It was a really stressful day for Amie and me so afterwards we went to SM North to relax with Ate Love.
  •  Friday – I planned on staying home but I woke up to a text from May telling me that there were still some paperwork that needed to be done for my defense, so I rushed to UPD to handle them.
I’m still pretty stressed out but I feel a bit better knowing that there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be able to defend my thesis next month.  I’ll be so happy once this is all over.

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