Review : Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer

I’ve been using this concealer for about two months now and I really like it so I figured I should make a short review on it.  Before this I used Cover Girl’s Trublend Concealer, which I also liked, but when I ran out earlier this year I decided I wanted to try something new.

My parents bought this for me when they went to Korea a few months ago because this concealer is always out of stock whenever I check out the Tony Moly branch in Megamall.  (I don’t know if it’s because it’s that popular or I just have terrible timing.) I’m not sure how much it was in Korea, but I think it costs about P250 here in the Philippines.

This is the first pot concealer I’ve tried so I won’t be able to compare it to other brands, but I can tell you that I’m pretty happy with it.  It has great coverage and it’s very creamy.  I normally use a concealer brush to apply it, but fingers work fine too.  It’s quite thick so you only need a little bit to cover up dark circles and acne scars.  Just make sure to set it with powder afterwards to avoid fading throughout the day.

I think the packaging is very nice too.  It’s simple, small and handy.  The transparent bottom part is made of plastic, but not the flimsy kind.  Some people don’t like that it comes in a pot because of sanitary issues, but as long as you use a clean brush (or clean fingers), it should be fine.  I actually prefer this kind of packaging to the ones that come in a tube with the sponge-tip applicators because I feel that it’s more hygienic.

I’m not sure how many shades are available but I read somewhere that there’s only two.  The shade I’m using is #2, which is a pretty good match for my skin.  It looks really light in the picture, but as long as I just apply a thin layer and make sure to blend properly, it’s not really a problem.  Check out the picture below to see how good the coverage is:

As you can see, I have several pimple scars on my cheeks which need concealing.  My dark circles aren’t *that* bad, but I still like to cover them up on some days.  I applied the concealer mostly around my eyes, on my pimple scars and around my nose.  After that I just set it with my Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra powder foundation and I’m good to go.


  • Great coverage
  • Handy packaging
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t break me out


  • Only two shades available
  • Hard to get a hold of since it’s usually out of stock whenever I check
  • Tends to fade when not set properly (which I sometimes forget to do)
Will I repurchase?
I’ve been using this for about two months and I still have A LOT left.  I’m still not sure if I will repurchase this or try a different one when I run out, but that’s still a long way from now.  It’s probably going to take me a while before I finish the entire pot.  In the meantime, I’m perfectly happy with this so I probably won’t be buying any new concealers for a while.

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