Kuala Lumpur Adventure

Last batch of our Singapore-Malaysia vacation photos.  About time too, it’s been 4 months since our trip!  But at least I finished blogging about it before the year ended XD

On our 2nd day in Malaysia, we decided to hire a guide to  take us around Kuala Lumpur.   We made arrangements to meet at our hotel lobby at 9am, but he arrived an hour late.  (Obviously this didn’t sit too well with us, but our guide was really apologetic so we forgave him.)  Our first stop was Batu Caves, which is actually outside KL, but not by far. It’s a famous limestone hill with several small caves inside. Some of the caves house a few Hindu shrines so it’s also a place of worship for some people.

The first thing you see upon reaching the place is this HUGE statue of Murugan, a Hindu god. According to Wikipedia, the statue is 140ft, making it the tallest statue of Murugan in the world.

The second thing you will notice is the number of pigeons that surround the place:

They’re used to people so you can sit down next to them and take pictures. You can even buy bird seed from some vendors and feed them.

Ckloy kept chasing them around, trying to take close up shots but it was hard because there were a few kids there who kept running around trying to make fly away.

He did get this though:

To reach the caves, you have to climb up 272 steps (that’s right, *two hundred and seventy two*) so make sure you eat a hearty breakfast to help you get you through it.  Also, it’s a good idea to wear shoes with plenty of traction because the steps are really small and some are a bit slippery.  I have itty bitty feet and even I had trouble climbing them. Some people had to walk sideways so they wouldn’t fall.

At the foot of the stairs you’ll see more Hindu statues:

Up we go:

The climb up was tiring but amusing because there were several monkeys running around begging for food.

Once again, Ckloy was mesmerized by the animals. He really should consider a career as a wildlife photographer, lol.

He took these pictures:

Don’t let those innocent eyes fool you, they can be extremely aggresive when they want to be. If they catch you with food, they’ll run up to you and grab it out of your hands (or pockets), so be careful. While we were climbing up we heard this loud shriek coming from below us. For a while we thought that someone had fallen off the steps but it turned out that a monkey had just grabbed some food from a tourist.

I managed to steal Ckloy away from the monkeys to get a quick photo of us together:

And he also took this picture of me:

Tired but still having fun

View from halfway up the stairs:

In case you wonder how many more steps are left till the top, some of them have numbers which show how far you’ve gone:

134 steps down, 138 more to go!

It took us about 20 minutes to reach the top, but that was because we kept stopping to take pictures along the way.

Ckloy and me at the cave entrance

My mom and sister at the bottom of some more steps leading to the Hindu shrines

Raffy high-fiving the sky after the long climb up XD

There were a lot of other caves at the top, but some of them require you to pay an entrance fee.  Like the Dark Cave:

The sign says stuff like “home to the rarest spider in the world” and “the most researched tropical cave in the world” (I’m not sure if that’s true).  Anyway we didn’t bother going inside because our guide only gave us about an hour before we had to meet him back at the entrance to continue the rest of the tour.

Our next stop was the Selangor Pewter Factory where they explained why pewter is important and showed us how pewter mugs were made. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but Ckloy managed to sneak these shots:

Pewter mugs and cups

A pewter display of the Petronas towers

After this our guide took us to this Batik factory to see how batik scarves are made.

First step would be to draw some patterns on a silk fabric using candle wax:

After that they color in the patterns using paint:

Some WIPs:

And some finished products they had on display:

So pretty~ I love that black one on the right!

Our last stop for the day (it was a half-day tour) was Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom. It’s a huge chocolate showroom which offers more than 100 different kinds of chocolates – ranging from durian to chili flavored. The best part is that they give out free samples inside 😀

Ckloy looks so sad.  He’s wishing that the Beryl’s mascot was made of real chocolate so he could eat it since we were all starving by this time.

Anyway, this place appears to be a popular stop for package tours because the place was packed with Chinese tourists when we got there!

So many people!!

And so many chocolates 😀

I think these were the durian and banana flavored ones

And the chili chocolate. When the lady offered us a sample we didn’t realize it was chili flavored until we ate it. It was sweet at first, but then you’re left with a hot chili after taste. It was pretty interesting.

My parents aren’t big on chocolate so they didn’t buy a lot, unlike my aunt. But we did get a couple of boxes of the durian flavored ones and a pack of tiramisu chocolate which Ezra and I liked.

After the chocolate factory, our guide was supposed to take us back to our hotel, but my parent asked him to take us drop us off  at the Petronas towers instead.  It wasn’t part of our tour but we really wanted to see it.  I mean who goes to KL without at least stopping by the Petronas towers right?  I was hoping that we could go up but you need tickets for that, which are sadly first come first serve.  Our guide told us that people wake up really early (like 6am) to line up for it since they only allow a certain number of people up each day.   Since we didn’t have tickets we just looked around Suria Mall, which was located at the base of the tower.


We grabbed some lunch at the mall food court and headed outside to see the tower.

Ish so high!!!

We could have looked around more and found some better angles but we were all extremely tired so we decided to head back to the hotel.

But I did get this shot of the tower from our van window during our tour:

I wanted to take a “teksi” back to our hotel but it was walking distance away from the tower so my parents decided to go by foot.

Bunch of lost tourists, lol

Ckloy and me

It took us about 15 minutes to reach our hotel.  We were all extremely tired by then so we just spent the rest of the afternoon resting and watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  We would have napped until the next day but we got hungry so we went out again to grab some dinner at the nearby mall food court.  Ckloy and Raffy wanted to taste Malaysian beer so we told our parents to head back to the hotel first while we looked around.  We soon found that the beer at the bars near the mall were extremely overpriced so eventually we ended up just buying it from the convenience store and drinking it at our hotel lobby. (Well, Ckloy and Raffy did, I just sat there and watched them.)

The next day, which was actually our last day in Malaysia, was spent exploring the mall near our hotel and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.  It was released just a few days before we left for our vacation and we didn’t get the chance to see it because we had a lot of last minute errands to run before our flight.  Since we didn’t have plans for our last day, we decided to just go see it that day. After the movie we headed back to the hotel to meet our driver who took us to the airport. We boarded the plane at around 2am and spent the 3-hour flight fast asleep.

So that’s it for out Malaysia adventure and this entry.  I will end this post with a some silly pictures that Ckloy, Ezra, Raffy and I took on our last day there right before we left our hotel.

Testing the self timer

Mom joined us for a shot

Emotionally disturbed (or mentally ill?) kids

Raffy’s cutting his wrist, Ezra’s gone crazy, I’m pensive and Ckloy’s trying not to laugh

Eventually our little pictorial session turned into a battle to see who can dominate the picture:

I think I win this round

Raffy takes this one

I think this one goes to Ezra

This one too XD

You can check out the other entries I made about our trip using the links below:


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