(EZRA) 45/52 : Behind every girl’s favorite song, is an untold story

I was too lazy to take Ezra’s portrait this week so I set up my camera on a tripod, put it on self timer, handed her the remote, and told her to have fun.

It’s the first time that I asked her to take her own photo and she enjoyed it. Although it took her a while to come up with something she liked because she’s not used to not having someone directing her. She normally enjoys posing for the camera when someone’s taking her photo, but she had a hard time taking her own picture. I always thought that she was as vain as I was, but I guess I was wrong XD

I have this silly idea that girls have this natural ability when it comes to  taking their own pictures since my friends do it all the time using their phones, but I guess Ezra’s different. If you check her phone, you won’t find a single vain picture of her there. In fact, someone would probably mistake it for my phone because I use it all the time to camwhore since the camera on my phone stopped working months ago.


5 thoughts on “(EZRA) 45/52 : Behind every girl’s favorite song, is an untold story

    • I understand that the word may seem offensive to some (most presumably because of the word “whore”) but many people also take it to mean the simple act of snapping pictures of themselves to share with friends and other people. These pictures don’t necessarily have to be sexy, seductive (or “whore”-like) either. (Koreans actually have a better term to describe what I mean: “selca”, which is short for “self capture”, but this word is not as well-known so I don’t use it as much.)

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