Prenuptial shoot for Jay and Vesma

Back in August my friends and I had a little photoshoot for our dear friend Vesma, who is getting married this December 18.  None of us are professional photographers but we’ve had our fair share of camera and Photoshop experiences so we thought it would be fun.

It was just a quick, half-day shoot because the bride and groom had to head back to Manila later that afternoon.  Hair and makeup was done by Aprille (and she also made the floral headbands that Vesma wore in some of the pictures).  Like with most of our shoots, we didn’t really have a specific location in mind, so we just drove around campus and stopped whenever we felt like taking pictures.  Not the most organized way to go, but we got the job done and the couple was happy, which is really all that matters to us.

I actually posted some of the shots here on my blog already, but it was a protected post meant for just the girls and I.   I was worried that Vesma might want to keep the pictures private.  But I spoke to her earlier and she told me she didn’t mind if I posted some of my favorite shots on my blog, so yay!

I’m only going to be posting the pictures I personally took, so if you want to see Aprille’s shots you can visit her blog post  by clicking here.  (Brinks was also a photographer that day but she hasn’t had the chance to upload her shots to her blog yet.)

Anyway, less talk and more pictures!

Here are some of my favorite photos taken that day:

I used my Canon Rebel XTi and 50mm f/1.8 lens for these shots.  We didn’t own any lighting equipment so we had to rely on natural light most of the time.   Post processing was done using Photoshop 7.0.

I’m really glad Vesma liked the photos we took.  We all want to see her happy and stress free for her big day.  Unfortunately I won’t be around for her wedding since my family will be out of the country by then.  This makes me extremely sad because it’s the first wedding in our barkada.   My parents bought our plane tickets months ago so it just couldn’t be helped 😦  But at least I was around for her engagement shoot and bridal shower 🙂

Congratulations Vesma and Jay!  Wishing you guys the best!


4 thoughts on “Prenuptial shoot for Jay and Vesma

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