Christmas Wish List 2011

A lot of people have been doing this on their blogs so I figured I’d make my own wish list too 🙂  (Although this is more of a personal shopping list of items I need to pick up while I’m here in California.   Most of these are things that are expensive in the Philippines but are pretty cheap over here.)


1. A new laptop

My 3-year old Sony Vaio has been giving me a lot of problems lately so I figured it’s about time I replace it.  I don’t really have a specific model in mind yet, but I’m probably be going to be sticking with Sony.  My parents have already told me  to think about what I want for Christmas so I’m going to ask them to take care of this one for me XD


2. Graphics tablet

My 4-year old Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet has given up, and editing pictures takes twice as long when I try to do it with a mouse, so this is something I definitely need.  I’m thinking of getting it as a Christmas present to myself.


3 . Set of makeup brushes

Makeup brushes can get pretty expensive in the Philippines.


4. Make up

Mascara, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadows – I want them all!   Drugstore brands (Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc) are much cheaper here in the US compared to the Philippines.


5. Hair care products

I’ve been ironing my hair a lot, so I probably need a good heat protectant.


6. E-reader

I love reading so this is probably something I would use a lot.  (Although my dad tells me that I should just save up for an Ipad instead.)



7. 2012 planner

Ckloy already promised to get me the new CBTL planner 😀  He told me that it will be waiting for me when I return.


8. Puppies

Two of our dogs got pregnant last month, so I’ve been looking forward to having a bunch of puppies to play with.  One of them (Jin) gave birth last week, but she only had one pup.  I’m hoping that Akira will have at least two 🙂


9. Scented candles

I’ve been enjoying the huge scented candle that my mom gave me last month, but I’ve used up about half of it already.  I’m planning on picking up a bunch of cinnamon-scented candles while I’m here.


Except for the laptop, tablet and reader, I think everything on my list is pretty reasonable.  Let’s hope Santa thinks I’m nice enough to deserve all these gifts 🙂


5 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List 2011

  1. Ooo, great list! I’m with you, I want an e-book reader, puppy, scented candles, make up and a 2012 planner too! ^_^

    But if you’re going to read A LOT more than surf the internet, then I recommend you get an e-reader… it’s cheaper than iPad. But also because the screen on the e-reader is much less sensitive in sunlight and to yours eyes. If you want to read and surf the internet, I recommend the new Kobo Vox – e-reader plus internet, android apps, video and music player! ^_^ I work at Best Buy and the Kobo Vox is a really popular e-reader. After that, it’s the Kobo Touch edition.

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