Otaku Expo 2011

(This is such a late post that I’m now too lazy to write a lengthy entry about the event.  I’ll just fill the space up with  pictures we took that day along with some short captions XD)

This year’s Otaku Expo was held on my birthday, so after having lunch with the family, Ezra, Ckloy, Raffy and I headed up to the 5th floor to attend the event.  Now the funny thing is that we didn’t know that there were two cosplay events happening that day : Otaku Expo and the Hero Face Off 2.  When we reached the 5th floor, the first thing we saw was the Hero Face Off event.  We peeked inside, saw a few cosplayers and assumed that it was the Otaku Expo.  We bought tickets, went inside and looked around for 5 minutes before realizing that we were in the wrong place.  *facepalm*

Anyway, we left the event and walked a few meters to find the entrance to the real Otaku Expo.

Tickets were P100 each

First thing we did was go around the booths and look at the stuff that was for sale:

Cute beanies

Furry hats

Japanese idol magazines

Cute necklaces

Contact lenses

Lots of Angry Birds stuff

Personalized artwork (commissions)

And lots of anime figures

There were so many adorable nendroids there~  I was so tempted to buy Masamune Date, but I already spent a lot the previous week so I had to stop myself.

I settled for just taking pictures of the cute ones 🙂

They also had a table display of amazing action figures:

People crowding around to take pictures

Ckloy took these shots below:

Masamune Date~

We also stopped by the stage area for a few minutes to watch some of the members of the audience play a game where they had to identify anime songs based on the first few notes:

After this we went around the area looking for interesting cosplayers:

Cute girls

Awesome Bumblebee cosplayer

Love his cosplay make up!

Pink Miku

Another cute Miku

Crystal Maiden

Ckloy with the One Piece boys

We found Misty from Pokemon shopping for idol magazines

Scary Silent Hill cosplayer

Cool armor!

Lightning from FF13

A Mecha fight must have took place here XD

One of the most original costumes I saw that day belonged to this Angry Birds cosplayer:

The costume covers only the upper half of his body.  We saw him walking around the venue and asked for a picture.  Just before Ckloy clicked the camera, he sat down and turned into this cute and familiar Angry Bird, lol.

Raffy had to leave after this so we said goodbye and walked him down:

One quick picture before he leaves

After this, we went upstairs again.  We figured that since we pretty much saw everything inside the Otaku Expo, we might as well make use of our Hero Face Off tickets and look around inside.   We were pleased to find that they had interesting displays in there too, and it wasn’t as crowded as the Otaku Expo so it was easier to take pictures with the cosplayers.

Costumes on display


Warrior of Light!

(I don’t think she was a cosplayer.  She was just really pretty so Ckloy wanted a picture with her XD)

Ckloy with the One Piece ship

Sadly, we had to leave after this to avoid traffic on our way home.    But before we left, Ckloy had to take his traditional “peeing on the sign board” shot:


It was a tiring day, but I had fun.   It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.  I only expected to attend one event that day, who knew I was going to end up attending two? XD

Our Hero Con stamps

And our Otaku Expo wristbands XD


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