Vesma’s bachelorette party

It’s Vesma’s wedding tomorrow!   I really wish that I could be there with the other girls to celebrate her special day with her, but I’m stuck thousands of miles away.  I know that she spent months planning every little detail this wedding so I’m sure everything will be beautiful.  I just hope that they take lots of pictures and post them on FB ASAP~

Anyway, about two weeks ago the girls and I planned a little surprise party for Vesma.   We originally intended for it to be a whole day event in Manila, but due to everyone’s hectic schedules we had to change it to a simple dinner in LB.   We were all too busy to meet as a group before the actual event so all the planning took place online.  Thank goodness for FB and YM~   Aprille was assigned to order the cake, book the venue and make the veil, Brinks was in charge of chocolates and some miscellaneous items, while Camille and I were in charge of the games.   We met up about 2 hours before the party to finalize the plans and decorations.

The cake, penis chocolates and condoms (which we used as balloons)

This was the cake Aprille ordered, lol

I tried on the sash, veil and bouquet that Aprille made

When everything was set, we called Vesma and told her to meet us for dinner at Aunt Pearl’s.  We already told her to reserve that evening for us, but we didn’t tell her what we were up to.

Vesma, Brinks and me

Camille and Moy, who arrived all the way from her cousin’s wedding in Batangas

We talked a little over dinner and asked about Vesma’s wedding plans.   Then at around 10pm, Aprille and Camille pretended that they had some stuff they needed to put in Moy’s car.   Truth was, it was just an excuse for them to head over to the KTV room we booked so they could start setting up for our main event.  Brinks and I were left to keep the bride occupied and (hopefully) free of suspicion.  After about 30 minutes,  Aprille called to inform us that everything was set.  Luckily the restaurant informed us that they were closing at this time, so we told Vesma that we needed to leave and that the others were waiting for us in the car.

When we got outside, Brinks blindfolded Vesma and told her to just trust us and follow along.

We actually forgot to bring a blindfold for this part so we used a shirt that we asked Vesma to bring to cover her eyes, lol.   (We literally asked the bride to bring her own blindfold XD)

Camille, Aprille and Moy were waiting for us in the room when we arrived

Putting the veil and sash on the bride while she holds her penis bouquet XD


She was very impressed by her special bridal bouquet XD

And she loved her cake too

Operation Last Hurrah complete!   We did it girls 😀  (Sorry Brinks for being cut off in this photo, mwah!).  The headbands we’re wearing are actually party balloons that we were supposed to use for decoration.  For some reason Aprille, Camille and Moy couldn’t inflate them no matter how they tried so they ended up being used as headbands instead.

We spent the rest of the evening playing some special games that Camille and I prepared.  We took pictures of course, but I’d rather keep them private for now XD

(I also gave Vesma my wedding gift during the party since I won’t be around to give it to her during her actual wedding.)

Congratulations Vesma!  Hope you liked our little surprise for you.  We love you Baks!  Mwaaaaaaaaaaaah~


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