Off to Los Angeles : Hello Kitty and funny mirrors

If you’ve read the last few entries on my blog, you can probably tell that I’m on vacation right now.  I’m actually in California at the moment, visiting relatives for the holidays.  The last time we were here was in 2009 (which was also when this blog was created – I took a lot of pictures of our activities and my shopping hauls back then that I wanted to share with friends so I made this blog XD)  Anyway, we had so much fun spending Christmas with our relatives here that we decided to do it again.

We left the Philippines on December 10.   We arrived at the airport early to avoid problems during check in, which meant that we had a lot of time to kill while waiting for our flight.  Ezra and I passed the time watching Running Man while munching on the free snacks offered at the airport lounge.

Ezra and me

We sat near the buffet table so we can grab food more easily XD  I only had crackers for breakfast so I pigged out on the mini sandwiches and siomai

Setting up Ezra’s laptop so we can watch Running Man

They had free wifi there too, so I checked my FB while waiting.  (I had to use my PSP because I didn’t bring my laptop with me.)

Running Man!  Ji Hyo’s so cute ^___^

After about an hour, we decided to head over to our gate and wait for our plane to board.  Our flight was supposed to leave at around 2pm, but it was delayed by about 20 minutes.

Camwhoring on the plane XD

They served lunch on the flight.  I was full from all the snacks earlier, but I still tried to eat because from what I remember, I actually liked EVA Air’s food – at least compared to other airline food (which usually tastes like cardboard).

The plastic spoon and fork came in this cute shade of apple green 😀

(I don’t know if it was because I was already full but for some reason the food didn’t taste as good as I expected)

Mama and me

After about 3 hours, we landed in Taipei, which was our stopover.

Quick shot of my outfit while waiting for my parents to use the restroom.  I actually had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while I was there.  My boots (which are only about 2 years old) decided to give up on me.  I blame all the security checks at the airport because they keep asking us to take our shoes off.  I’m lazy so I normally just lift my leg and grab the bottom of my shoes and pull it off, which eventually lead to my heel partially detaching itself.  (Alright fine, it’s my own fault for being too lazy to bend down and remove my shoes properly …)

Geum Jan Di Ezra says hi

Anyway I was worried that my heel would fall off soon so we walked around to find glue (or gum) to hold it together, but we were distracted by this Sanrio store that had a huge Hello Kitty in front:

That alone would already have many girls squealing in delight, but guess what was next to it:


Everthing’s so pink!  I couldn’t believe that it was an actual terminal where passengers sit and wait for their flights.  I’m not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but even I have to admit that this is incredibly cool.

I mean just take a look at these seats!

They’re pink and they have bows!  How can anyone resist them??

They even had a rainbow stage

My quest for glue (or gum) was forgotten when Ezra and I found these funny mirrors inside the terminal and we decided to have fun with them:

I’m an elf!

Puffy cheeks

Big hair is so awesum!

Looking good there Ez

She’s digging the big hair look too

Long fingers are super cool~

Okay, enough disturbing photos. Here’s a less distorted one we took using another mirror:

Eventually I realized my shoe wasn’t going to fix itself so we decided to continue looking for something to fix it.  We were barely a few steps out of the Hello Kitty terminal when we spotted these cute public phones:

Moshi moshi?  Oops, wrong language.

Above the telephones they had this mini world map which shows the different times at different parts of the world – using Hello Kitty clocks.  This cat is everywhere!

We walked a bit more in our search of glue, but none of the stores we entered sold it.  But we did find this cute garden filled with real orchids:

Anyway, after this I decided to just give up.  After all, I wasn’t going to do much walking on the plane anyway, and I can always buy new shoes when we get to California.   We decided to just head over to our gate to wait for our plane to board.  It wasn’t as interesting as the Hello Kitty terminal, but it did have a free Ipad station for you to check your mail.  And it also had this cute reading area:

I love books so I rushed over there to see their selection

Only to discover that everything was in Chinese~  I am disappoint T__T

Since we couldn’t read the books, we just took pictures with the cute egg bean bags they had:

After this Ezra and I decided to continue watching Running Man since we didn’t finish it earlier

My mom didn’t have anything to do so she borrowed my broken shoe to see what could be done, and she was able to fix it (temporarily) by sewing the bottom part on using a small sewing kit she found in her bag.

Little side story : This is actually the second time this happened.  During my thesis defense earlier that week, the bow on my right shoe detached itself about 10 minutes before the start of my presentation.  (I don’t know what it is with me and faulty shoes that week.  Maybe it’s a sign?  To buy more shoes, lol XD)  Anyway I started panicking but my mom calmed me down and took out a travel sewing kit from her bag (the same one that she used to fix my boot) and fixed it in about 2 minutes.  Ah, mothers are amazing 😀 

Anyway, we boarded the plane at around 6pm and I spent most of the next 11 hours sleeping.  I tried to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but I fell asleep halfway through the movie.  I only woke up when a stewardess tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I wanted porridge or bacon for breakfast.  I continued the movie while eating breakfast and finished it just before our plane landed in LAX.

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get through immigration (as usual) but at least we didn’t have problems collecting our luggage.  Ate Maryann, Ate Xenia, Ninang and Kurt picked us up at the airport and took us back to Ninang’s place

Ezra was extremely happy to be reunited with Kurt after 104 days of being apart (according to their count)

At Ninang’s house I was finally able to get my hands on some glue to fix my shoe, phew~  Then we went out to have an early dinner at this Thai restaurant near Ninang’s place.

So much food~  Ninang’s treat because it was her birthday the week before this.

Afterwards she took us to Yogurtland for dessert:

So many flavors!! Ezra and I love frozen yogurt so this was like heaven for us!   And it’s so much cheaper compared to the Philippines too 😀

I had the New York Cheesecake, Pistachio and Red Velvet with mochi, cheesecake and choco-caramel toppings.  Yummmm~

We went home to rest after this, but we dropped by at Walgreens first to pick up some cough syrup for me since I wasn’t feeling well.  (Though that didn’t stop me from pigging out on froyo XD).  I asked my parents to get me some Robitussin since that’s what I normally take, but they ended up getting this:

It’s the Walgreens brand cough syrup.  I just had to take a picture of the bottle because it’s huge!  And it’s blue so I felt like I was drinking mouthwash.  But it got rid of my cough so I shouldn’t complain.

Despite spending all my time on the plane sleeping, I still fell asleep as soon as I got into bed.  Travelling is tiring, but I’m extremely happy to be here again after two years 😀


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