Week 1/52 : Let’s get this party started

Yes, I have a lamp shade on my head. No, I’m not crazy.

I just realized that a lot of my self portraits for 2011 focused on themes that were sad and depressing. I guess I didn’t realize how bad it was until I uploaded a picture of myself smiling on Facebook and one of my friends commented that he’s not used to seeing me smile. (Which is weird because I do post pictures of myself smiling when I’m out with friends, but I guess no one really looks at those albums except for the people in them). So this year, I decided that I will try to include more shots of myself smiling and being goofy in my project.

I guess one reason why I always end up using sad themes in my pictures is because I easily get influenced by the colors around me. My room has blue walls, which is pretty much the universal color for loneliness and sadness, so I suppose that affects me in some way. (Although I always feel happy when I’m in my room, hmmm … this is confusing.) Anyway, when I saw that my aunt has a room full of bright yellow walls in her house, I took full advantage of it and shot my first self portrait of the year there. I suppose I should have worn a “happier” shirt instead of a dull gray one, but I was already dressed and ready to leave the house when I decided I wanted to squeeze in a quick shoot first. But it’s okay, I think the bright walls provided enough “happiness” for this shot.

So, yeah … 52-weeks, ROUND FOUR! I don’t think I’m ever going to get sick of doing this XD

(Thanks to my sister for taking this shot)


One thought on “Week 1/52 : Let’s get this party started

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