Week 2/52 : Warm puppy hugs always take the sadness away

I was really sad about having to leave California and come back to the Philippines last week – not because I don’t like it here or anything, but because it meant that my vacation has ended 😦  It’s back to reality for me now.  But I cheered up instantly when I found these little guys waiting for me at home 😀

Days before we left for California, one of our dogs (Jin) gave birth to one puppy. And while we were away, another one (Akira) gave birth to three more! We now have FOUR adorable little babies! I’m so happy! Puppies were on my Christmas wish list last month and I’m so thrilled that I now have four of them. But we’re not keeping them all. My dad is planning on selling two or three because we don’t have the space to take care of all of them 😦 But until then, we will continue providing these pups with all the love that they need.

(The bigger pup was the one that was born before we left to go on vacation, and the smaller one in my right hand is one of the three younger pups. I wanted to include them all in the picture but I couldn’t carry them all.)

Thanks again to my sister for helping me take this picture.

I’ll be posting more pictures of these little guys soon, so watch out for that 😀


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