Say hello to Lily

About a month ago I posted my Christmas wishlist here on my blog.  The number one item on my list was a new laptop, which my parents agreed to get for me 😀   I didn’t bother bringing my old laptop with me to California since I knew I was getting a new one so I used my mom’s Vaio during our first few days there.  Eventually she realized that she couldn’t get any work done with me hogging her laptop all the time so she decided it was time for us to drop by Frys Electronics to pick up my new baby.

I didn’t really have an idea which model I wanted at the time (I just said I wanted a VAIO) so we asked the sales assistant there for advice and he recommended this:

It’s the Sony VAIO VPCEG17 – 14 inch E Series laptop

Of course I got the one in pink 😀  The box contained the laptop, battery, power cord and manual.

So shiny and prettyyyy~  I love the diamond-embossed texture on the lid 😀

I originally wanted to call her Hyori (as in Lee Hyori the Korean singer – because I love her), but I decided on the name Lily in the end, because I also love Lily Potter in the Harry Potter books, as well as Lily from How I Met Your Mother and the baby Lily in the Modern Family series (seasons 1 and 2 – I’m not really too fond of the new girl they got for season 3).

Giving my new baby a hug

I took this photo after we got back to the Philippines.  That’s Lily on the left and Chiaki (my old laptop) on the right 😀

The whole point of buying a new laptop for me that day was so my mom could use hers again, but after she saw how pretty my new baby was she decided to get one for herself too (in black), lol.

My mom with her new laptop in front of our Christmas tree

Now everyone in our family owns two VAIO laptops 😀

The Garcia VAIOs.  The pink ones are mine, the gray and silver ones are Ezra’s, the black ones on the bottom left are my mom’s and the smaller ones on the bottom right are my dad’s.

I’ve been using my new baby for over a month now and I absolutely love her 😀   Thank Mom and Dad for taking care of wishlist item #1.  I’ll post the rest of my Christmas haul sometime next week (hopefully).


6 thoughts on “Say hello to Lily

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  2. yey! nakakapagpost na po kayo ng xmas haul. thank you po, ate Carmi! 🙂

    ang cool naman po ng laptops nyo! ilang inches po ba ung biggest vaio laptop? mga magkano po ung bili nyo? mas mura po ba talaga bumili sa US? sorry po, ang daming tanong 🙂

    • Hi Tring! Hindi pa eto yung main Christmas haul ko, hehe. Hiniwalay ko lang yung entry ko ng laptop and tablet kasi sila yung two big things sa list ko. Pero yung iba pagsasamahin ko na in one entry. Naayos ko na yung pictures, pero di ko pa nagagawa yung post, hehe. Baka this coming week 😀
      Yung laptop ko na bago 14 inches, yung kay mama mas malaki ng konti e, I think 15.5 inches yung kanya (yun yung biggest dito sa picture).
      Usually mas mura laptops sa US kaya dun kami lagi bumibili. Yung sakin nabili namin for around 35k, nung tiningnan namin dito sa pinas 42k sya. Mas malaking mura lalo kapag sale. Yung black/gray na laptop ni Ezra mga 25k lang ata bili nila dati e. Yung boyfriend ko din nagpabili ng laptop since mas mura nga. Gaming laptop pinabili nya kaya mas mahal ng konti. Around 80k ata sya dito sa pinas pero nakuha namin ng mga 47k dun 😀

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