Week 3/52 : New year, new hair

I got a haircut about two weeks ago. I know I’ve always said that I missed my super long hair from 2009/2010 and that I’m trying to grow it out, but the dead and frizzy ends were such a pain to deal with. I spent about 2 weeks debating whether or not to cut it and in the end I decided that shorter and healthier hair sounds better than longer and dead ends.

I’m quite happy with how my hair turned out. I actually wanted it a bit shorter, but this is fine for now. Besides, I can always go back to the parlor and get another haircut if I’m still up for it in the future.

Some pictures of my damaged hair before I got it cut:

(Please pardon the huge eye bags and swollen face – I was still jet lagged when I took these.  I made the decision to cut my hair while we were on vacation and as soon as we got back to the Philippines, I booked an appointment at the salon XD)

You can clearly see how fried the ends are in this picture, tsk tsk

Goodbye long hair T__T

Here’s me at Scissors getting my hair cut:

Let’s do this!

I also got a hair spa since my hair obviously needed some TLC.   Remo suggested their protein treatment.  My hair’s actually sensitive to protein but I agreed since he said it was really good.  It made the top part of my hair *really* soft, shiny and bouncy, but the ends (which still had a little damage left because Remo didn’t want to cut my hair too short) didn’t like it at all.  I suppose this was a good thing because when Remo saw that there was still some damage left, he agreed to cut my hair a bit shorter.  (The stylists Ezra and I go to never seem to want to cut our hair for some reason.  They tell us its because they know how hard it is to grow your hair long so they want to save it as much as they can – but Ckloy tells me it’s because they know long hair requires more maintenance which means more business for them, LOL.)

Anyway, here are two more pictures after my hair cut:

I do love my new hair, but I’m still thinking whether or not I should go shorter, I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.  I’m enjoying the change and the healthier hair (I’ve been dealing with my long and damaged hair for almost 2 years now), but at the same time I’m already wondering how long it will take for me to grow my hair this long again:

(Taken early 2010 when my hair was still healthy and damage-free)

I found this in 9gag (my new current addiction) and I have a horrible feeling that this is going to be me in a couple of weeks:


Let’s hope not


14 thoughts on “Week 3/52 : New year, new hair

  1. I love your new haircut, it’s really cute!

    I cut my hair a few months ago back in the summer time and I looooved it for months until recently I want to experiment with hairstyles… and came to figure that my hair is too bloody short for ANYTHING… I can’t even braid it 😦 No matter how tempted I get, I will not cut my hair anymore.. I miss… really miss, my long hair 😦

    • Thank you 😀
      I didn’t want to cut my hair but it was so badly damaged that it just had to be done. I’m starting to miss my long hair too, but not so much since my current hair is long enough for me to tie and style 🙂

  2. wow, ate pareho tayo ng hair stylist! pero Raymond tawag namin sa kanya. haha. feeling ko po mas okay kung shorter pa ung hair nyo (honest opinion lang po 🙂 ). mas okay nga daw po na laging nagpapatrim kung gusto magpahaba, para laging maganda ung ends 🙂

    • Thanks Tring 😀 Refreshing change sakin ang short hair kasi biglang gumaan ang feeling ko, hehe. Pero I’m sure na after a while mamimiss ko talaga ng sobra yung long hair ko, hihi.
      Sa Scissors din pala kayo nagpapagupit 😀 Ever since college sa Scissors din ako nagpapagupit. Sa Metrohair ako nagpapa hotoil, rebond, color, etc. pero Scissors lagi haircut ko kasi gusto ko mag style si Remo 😀 Raymond pala full name nya?

  3. lagi rin po kasi sa scissors kami dinadala ni mommy. since late elem/high school pa. hehe. naexperience ko na rin po magpagupit sa ibang hairstylists ng scissors, pero siya talaga gusto ko. kahit maghintay pa ko ng matagal. XD Raymond po tawag sa kanya ni mommy. siya lang po kasi naggugupit at nagkukulay ng buhok nya eh. hehe 😀

  4. parang napansin ko po na meron pong iba. hindi lang po ako sure. parang nakikita ko rin dun ung dati nyang kasama sa scissors. pero siya pa rin talaga ung pinakabusy.

    • Well I’ve been trying to avoid ironing my hair these days. And when I do I make sure to use heat protectant. I also try to deep condition twice a week to make sure my hair gets enough nourishment.

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