Christmas loot (AKA California haul)

I know this is extremely late, seeing as it’s already February, but I promised my friend Tring that I would make an entry about the stuff I got for Christmas, so here it is 😀   I also decided to include some of my vacation haul in this entry because I’m too lazy to make a separate post about it.

I’ll start off with my Christmas haul, which consists of stuff that I didn’t pay for.   These are some of the things I managed to take a picture of.  (Some of the items were still in balikbayan boxes when I took most these, and by the time we finished unpacking I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures anymore.)

A new laptop from my parents 😀  I’ve already talked about this in a previous entry, so I won’t go into much detail about it here.

A Bath and Body Works gift set from Mama Darling

A clutch bag from Ate Zsa Zsa and a wallet from Tita Melda

Victoria’s Secret gift set (in Sheer Love) from Ate Zsa Zsa and her family

Kuya Wibet got Ezra and me a $20 Victoria’s Secret gift card each, which I used to buy these:

More Victoria’s secret stuff!  (I was in a hurry when I bought this so I accidentally picked up a bottle of Sheer Love by mistake, forgetting that Ate Zsa Zsa already got me the gift set.  There wasn’t time for me to go back to the store and exchange it so it’s a good thing I love the scent.)

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2012 planner from Ckloy, which he gave me as soon as I got back home, along with these super adorable candles:

I think they’re supposed to be scented, but I can’t really smell anything.  (I doubt I’ll be able to use these anyway since they’re way too cute and I feel like it’s such a waste to light them.)

And last but not least, puppies!!!  Four of them to be more specific 😀

We only managed to get these three in the picture together because they’re a bunch of bullies and they all gang up on the other pup so we had to separate them XD

Anyway, other things that I got that I didn’t get pictures of include the following : clothes (from Brinks, Ninang, Tito Willie and Tita Lynette); earrings (from Ninang); chocolates, toothbrushes, $20, socks, a flashlight and dental floss (from Ate Xenia and Ate Maryann); chocolate-dipped strawberries (which Tito Steve mailed to us all the way from Hawaii); chocolate crepes (from Tita Melda); and the mug which I won from Ate Maryann’s and Ate Xenia’s white elephant game (which I sadly had to leave behind at my aunt’s house because we didn’t have anymore space in our luggage for it T__T).

Now for the things that I did have to pay for myself:

My Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet, which I’ve already talked about in a previous entry.

Makeup brushes!  I mostly got ELF brushes because I heard that although they’re really cheap, they’re actually quite good.  My favorite is definitely the flat top powder brush on the far left because it’s so soft!  I actually bought three of these (two for myself and one for Brinks) because I just love them so much, but I couldn’t find the bag which contained my other brushes when I took this picture.   There were only about 4 more brushes in there anyway so this is pretty much everything I got.

Perfume by Paris Hilton.  I’m no fan of hers, but I have to admit that this smells really nice.   The lady at Perfumania told me that this was their #2 top selling perfume.   I forgot what their bestseller was, but I remember I didn’t like it that much so I went for this one instead.

Scented candles 😀  I actually bought a lot of these but I had to leave most of them behind since they were too heavy and I couldn’t ft them into my luggage anymore T__T

Shades for me and Ckloy

New headphones.  I bought two because these were originally $13 each but they were on sale for $5 at Frys Electronics.

Vitamins for hair and nails.  I bought a lot of Biotin because it’s so much cheaper over there!  The 60-capsule bottle (500mcg) at Healthy Options costs about P420, while this one (150 capsules, 1000mcg) costs just around $3!

Of course I had to buy some makeup and nail polish since they’re much cheaper over there.  I know it looks like a lot but if you compare it to my makeup haul from our 2009 visit, it’s actually not that much.  Back then I spent almost my entire allowance on makeup XD   This time, a huge chunk of my allowance went into these next two things:

Hair products – because my hair became extra dry while we were there for some reason.  I absolutely love that Dove conditioner, it makes my hair super soft and bouncy so I ended up buying another one as a backup.  I wanted to buy more but I knew that I would probably end up having to leave it behind because my luggage was already overflowing 😦   I also really love the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition spray!  It smells wonderful and makes my hair feel so healthy!  I actually bought three of these but I couldn’t find the other bottle when I took this.   I bought the CHI iron guard and Biosilk Silk Therapy to use as a heat protectant for when I iron my hair.  (I can’t find any stores here in the Philippines that sells heat protectant for some reason…)

And the other thing I splurged on during our vacation:

Wii games!!!  These are all pre-owned (except for Just Dance 2) but they’re all in good condition.  Kurt, Ezra and I went crazy buying games because there was a Game Stop near my aunt’s house and they had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo for pre-owned games.  Also, Kurt decided to apply for a membership card which gave us 10% off on all the games!   Wii games can cost up to about P2000 here in the Philippines, but some of these came as cheap as $5 (and some were even free because of the promo XD)   The Just Dance 2 was a bit pricey since it was brand new ($39) but we decided to get it anyway because the pre-owned version was only $5 cheaper.  We also bought a $20 Wii Points Card so we can download a few other songs online if we wish to.

Other things I bought but didn’t get a picture of include : a laptop bag, pasalubong and Christmas gifts for friends, lots of junk food and some clothes and accessories.

So as you can see, I got pretty much everything on my Christmas wish list, even if I had to pay for most of them myself.  The only thing I didn’t get was the e-reader, but Ezra did get an iPad2 which she lets me play with every now and then XD


7 thoughts on “Christmas loot (AKA California haul)

  1. Hahaha ang tagal tagal ko na nagawa ganto ko (doh) at di parin nakapost. Ang dami dami mo nabili! Hahaha I want the make up and hair products. Hahayshh girls~ :))

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