Behind the Scenes : Photoshoot for Jay and Vesma

Last August my friends and I had a little photoshoot for Vesma, who was to be married that December.  I’ve already posted some of the pictures I took here on my blog, but I decided to share some of the behind-the-scenes shots as well.  I can’t believe it’s been half a year already since these pictures were taken!

Since Vesma and Jay had to leave in the afternoon, we scheduled our shoot in the morning.  Ezra and I picked Brinks up as soon as we finished breakfast and we headed off to Aprille’s house, where we found her doing the bride’s hair and makeup.

Vesma trying not to laugh as Aps applied lip gloss on her

While waiting for them to finish, Camille and Brinks played around with Vesma’s hair extensions and accessories

Looking pretty there kup~

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Camille with hair this long

The girls with their long hair

Camille brought Sheldon with her (upon Ezra’s request) so we let him try on some of the props we brought along as well:

Ish a bunny Sheldon

Like a sir!

Aprille’s dog, Gucci, wanted to look pretty too (according to Brinks) so she tried to get him to wear the bunny ears as well.

Hmm … Gucci doesn’t look too happy

Once Vesma was ready, we headed over to Carabao Park to start our shoot.

(I stole this shot from Aprille’s camera XD  Thanks Aps!)  Brinks and I look so excited.

We left Gucci at Aprille’s house but we brought Sheldon with us to keep Ezra company during our shoot.

Curious Sheldon wants to sniff everything in sight

Aprille not only did Vesma’s hair and makeup, but she also made some headdresses for her to wear that day.  Here’s a bokehlicious picture of me trying on one of them:

I feel like such a fairy~

Aprille was the busiest out of all of us that day – she was a makeup artist, hairdresser, florist, stylist, creative director and  photographer.   (And later in the day she even became a pastry chef for us XD).  In the picture above she’s giving the couple instructions on how to pose for the pictures.

During the first half of the shoot Aprille preferred to direct rather than take photos so she let Brinks borrow her camera

Camille started out as helping Aprille direct our little shoot, but she later on became our “lighting assistant” XD

And Sheldon was just there to provide smiles for everyone 😀

Here’s Camille wearing another headdress that Aprille made

Of course I had to try it on too XD

What’s Sheldon looking at?

Why hello there~  (Little praying mantis came out of hiding to watch our little shoot!)

We took pictures for a while then decided to take a quick break while we waited for Vesma’s dad and brother to bring some stuff over.

Vesma seems to be having fun

While the bride and groom rested, I played with Sheldon to keep myself amused

The girls took this time to retouch their make up – because photographers have to look pretty too XD

Vesma’s dad and brother brought another camera for us to use for the shoot so Brinks gave Aprille her camera back and decided to use this instead.

The problem was she couldn’t figure out how to change the settings on it at first.

Looking so serious.   Sorry we couldn’t help you Kup.  (Aps and I are both Canon girls :D)

Eventually Brinks figured out how to work the camera so we took a few more pictures before heading over to 7-11 for a quick merienda break.

I took this from inside the shop.  Sheldon wasn’t allowed in so Camille had to tie him up outside.  We sat facing the window so he could still see us and not feel lonely. After Camille was done  eating she went outside to feed him and give him what was left of her drink.

Once everyone was finished with their food, we headed over to DTRI for the last part of our shoot.

Aprille giving directions again while Brinks fixed Vesma’s hair

We didn’t have any lighting equipment so we worked with just natural light for our shoot. It was almost noon by this time, which meant that the sun was really harsh and caused a lot of shadows, so we ended up having to use my car’s windshield cover as a makeshift reflector.

Vesma said she was honored to have a licensed doctor reflecting light for her.  (Camille please don’t kill me for posting this XD)

To show my appreciation, here’s a diwata portrait of Camille wearing Vesma’s extensions again:

Doctor by day, fairy by night.  Wait, that didn’t sound right…

Aprille brought some fabric with her to use for the shoot, but we forgot about it and only remembered after we were done.   I decided to play around with it hoping to get a good picture.

I asked Ezra to take these shots of me

I loved how flowy the fabric was

But it was so soft that when I turned, the wind caught it and it ended up wrapping around me.  And instead of helping me out, Ezra just laughed took pictures


Ezra wanted to play around with the fabric too, so I agreed to take her pictures (and hoped that she would get tangled up in it too XD)


Now’s my chance!

“Ate get me out!”

Wahaha, revenge is sweet!  (Peace Ez!)

After a quick rest, I set up my tripod so we could take some group photos:

Jump shot fail, lol

We all met up the night before this to plan the shoot and we agreed to wear purple to match the bride and groom.  The only person who wasn’t present during the meeting was Brinks, so we texted her later that evening to tell her of the plan.  In the end she was the only one who wore purple that day, lol.  (In my defense I did bring a purple cardigan with me, but I left it in the car because it was too hot to wear it that day.)

It started to drizzle a bit so we moved to a covered area and continued taking photos:

(I was too lazy to post them all here individually so I just made them into a gif)

Anyway the bride and groom had to leave for Manila after this to take care of wedding stuff so we had to end our mini shoot.  Before they left they bought some Bugong chicken for us to thank us for doing this shoot for them.

It was a tiring shoot but it was all worth it because it was done for a friend.  If you want to see some of the photos I took that day, you can check out my earlier post on it HERE.

So to wrap up this entry, here’s another group picture I stole from Aprille’s camera:

Love this shot.  Thanks Aps!


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  1. Hahaha ang cute ng mga gifs! 😀 Walang nagpost nito sa FB no? Kelangan ko na din ipost yung ganto ko grabeng tagal na niya sa drafts di ko lang nalalagyan ng pics. :))

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