Baking adventures

I’ve always been jealous of girls who know how to bake.  My mom used to bake a lot when I was younger and I would always watch her, but for some reason I never learned to make anything.  I think it was because I was more interested in licking the batter off the spatula after she was done rather than actually learning how to bake at the time.

Most of my friends know how to bake and I’ve been begging them to teach me for ages.  We finally got our chance last August when we did Jay and Vesma’s photoshoot.  It was a quick shoot which finished around noon so it left us with plenty of time in the afternoon for a baking lesson.

All set to bake!

We decided to make chocolate cupcakes because Aprille has made them before and she told us that it was pretty simple.

The baking team (minus Ezra who took the photo)

Aprille knew the recipe best so she supervised and gave us instructions.  Ezra and Camille did most of the mixing.  Brinks ate some (expired?) chocolates while getting some ingredients ready, and I took pictures (and occasionally helped) XD

Bunny Camille getting the butter ready

Aprille supervising me while I poured the batter in the cupcake molds


After this it was time to make the frosting.

Ezra and Camille cutting up the chocolate

While Brinks chopped up the butter…

…and mixed it with the confectioner’s sugar

The cupcakes took about 20 minutes to bake and the frosting had to be cooled for a bit so we took that as our cue to have lunch.  We ate the Bugong chicken that Jay and Vesma bought for us earlier that day (to thank us for doing the shoot for them).  While we ate, Aprille ran back and forth to the oven to make sure that the cupcakes don’t burn.  Under her watchful eye, they came out perfectly:

Yummm! 😀  (We didn’t have toothpicks so she had to use a fork to check if they were ready)

After this it was time for us to decorate them:

Aprille loading her piping set with the chocolate frosting we made

She showed us how to make different designs using the different nozzle attachments

Trying it for myself


I think this was the part we enjoyed the most.  We kept fighting over the piping tube to decorate our cupcakes.

Brinks’ creation



So many cupcakes! 😀

Now while I did learn a lot during that baking session, I still wasn’t confident enough to try to bake on my own.  So when Camille called me up a few weeks later and asked if I wanted to bake some cookies with her, I immediately agreed.  We bought some ingredients and headed back to our house to make not one, not two, but THREE different kinds cookies!  (She sure knows how to make the most of her time, I guess it’s the doctor in her.)

Here she is rolling up to dough for the oatmeal cookies

Ezra helped out (by licking the batter off the spoon, j/k!)

Oatmeal cookies.  My parents loved these!  Ezra hated them because she doesn’t like anything with raisins.  Camille and I had to wait until she turned her back before we poured the raisins in the dough because she wouldn’t let us put them in XD

And the other cookies we made were crinkles and chocolate chips with marshmallows.  My favorite were the crinkles while Ezra loved the chocolate chip cookies.

After this, Ezra and I became more confident with our baking skills and decided to try to make more cookies without my friends’ supervision.  We were still a bit scared to try anything new so we just kept recreating the things that we learned.  We made a couple of small mistakes during our first few tries, but we eventually got it right.

SUCCESS!  Chocolate chip and walnut cookies.

We’re so proud of ourselves 😀

I let Ckloy try the crinkles that we made and he loved them so much that I baked a batch just for him right before Christmas.  And recently I made choco-banana bread with walnuts for him, which turned out pretty good too.  Ckloy’s so proud that I’m making an effort to learn how to bake that he bought me some baking tools.  We went to SM North and bought a rolling pin, cookie cutters and an oven thermometer.  Ezra and I used them the other week to make sugar cookies for the first time.

The rolling pin and cookie cutters that Ckloy got for me

They’re so cute!  Cutting out the different shapes was so much fun.  It reminded me of my childhood when I used to play with Play-Doh

Cookies are done 😀

After this Ezra and I made the frosting using egg whites and confectioners sugar.  We added some food coloring in to make the cookies prettier 🙂

Decorating the cookies using Aprille’s piping set.  (She left them at my house when we did the cupcakes last August and I kept forgetting to return them to her.  But we saw each other last weekend and I was finally able to give them back.)


We also made some blue frosting because Ezra liked the color

Since our frosting turned out messy even with the use of the piping tube, we tried to make them prettier by using sprinkles:

But we ran out about halfway through so we ended up using chopped white chocolate for the rest

Not as pretty, but still yummy

We gave some of the cookies out to our friends and according to them they tasted great.  Yatta!   Ezra and I are so proud of ourselves for finally learning how to bake.  Now that we’ve discovered how much fun it is, we definitely plan to try out new recipes.

And it’s all thanks to these girls:

Salamat mga baks!  Thank you for taking the time to teach Ezra and me!  Mwaaaaaaah~


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