Keep calm and love your friends

Aprille surprised me today by dropping by for a quick visit with Jay.  She knows I’ve been feeling a bit down lately so she brought me these:

I just love these Meiji strawberry chocolates.  I’ve already finished half a box.

I stuck the cards on my dresser mirror (along with some stickers) so I can see them everyday and remember what a wonderful friend I have 🙂

Thanks so much Aps!  Sobrang natouch ako ^__^  Mwaaaaaaaaaaah!

 “Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s just enough to know they’re there”


3 thoughts on “Keep calm and love your friends

  1. These are great, did you know the designers/printers have stolen the style of World War 2 British Government propoganda or civilian instruction/emergency posters and changed the words. Now I see they have changed the colours but still stayed within the original style?
    Its a little strange having seen the originals first during degree training as graphic designer, but syle for clothes gets repeated, regenerated, is retrograded, so some one has decided why not museum posters?
    I am glad I read about the bangs, unfortunately the word’s meaning in the UK can be misused to mean something else.

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