Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden

I can’t believe that it’s March already!  And here I am still blogging about Day 3 of our Las Vegas/Arizona tour from last December!  Ack~  Anyway this will be a short entry because the last day of our tour was pretty uneventful since we were just heading back to Los Angeles that day.  But we did make a few stops along the day.  The first was at the Ethel M chocolate factory in Nevada:

The company is owned by the same people who owns Mars Incorporated, which is known worldwide for chocolates such as Milky Way, Twix, Snickers, M&M’s and (of course) Mars bars.

To get inside the factory, we had to pass through the gift shop, which was filled with M&M’s merchandise:

We didn’t have anyone to guide us along the way and give us information, so we just peeked through the windows to see the chocolate factory and read the information written on the bulletin board:

The factory:

It must be so cool to work here, surrounded by chocolates all the time XD

The factory is divided into different sections, such as the caramel apple station, cooling tunnel and the cutting tables:

The lady in the picture above is chopping up blocks of the yummiest pecan brittle

Here’s another worker placing chocolates inside some containers

The hallway that we had to walk through to see the factory was decorated with these cute snowflake cutouts

At the end of the hallway there was a booth that offered a free taste of their chocolates:

After this we found ourselves inside the chocolate showroom, which was filled with all kinds of delicious goodies for sale!  It was a good thing we ate breakfast that morning or we probably would have ended up buying a lot:

Drooling yet? Supposedly, all of these chocolates were handmade

They had a lot of these stickers displayed inside the store:

We passed the time just walking around and admiring the different kinds of chocolates.  We didn’t buy any, but my mom did pick up a box of the pecan brittle to bring home. It was a pretty warm inside the store and we were wearing heavy coats so we decided to head outside after this and wait for the rest of our group there.

But first, I had my picture taken next to the Christmas tree inside:

As soon as we stepped out, we found ourselves in Ethel M’s cactus garden.  Supposedly it houses over 300 varieties of cacti, ranging from tiny ones to really big ones:

Why hello little M&M dude.  Enjoying the sun are we?

After this we returned to our bus.  Our second stop that day was for lunch, which was pretty uneventful, so I don’t have any pictures to share.  We had one last stop on our way back to Los Angeles, which was at this outlet mall:

None of us were really planning on buying anything, but our tour guides gave us two hours to spend here, so we walked around and ended up buying all sorts of stuff.  Coach had a 70% off sale when we stopped by their store, but my mom just bought me a new bag recently so I didn’t really need a new one.  But my mom, Ezra and I did end up purchasing some perfumes and hair products from Perfumania, and my dad ended up with two new pairs of shoes from Reebok and Rockport.  They were impulse-buys, but they were such a steal that we just had to get them.  For example, I bought the full sized bottle of the Biosilk Silk Therapy serum (5.6oz) for just $18, and it came with a smaller travel sized version (2.26oz) for free – in regular drugstores the full sized version costs about $24 and the travel sized one around $10, so it was definitely worth it.

When our allotted 2 hours were over, we all headed back to our buses and it was a non-stop drive to Los Angeles after that.  A guide dropped us off at the same supermarket near my aunt’s house where the tour picked us up on the first day.  We got caught up in traffic on the way there so by the time we arrived my aunt was already there waiting to pick us up.  We spent the drive home telling her about our trip and munching on some candies she had in her car.

So yeah, that’s the end of our Nevada/Arizona adventure.  We had a lot of fun and experienced a lot of new things, so I’m glad we got this chance to join this tour.

If you’re interested, you can read my past entries about days one and two here:


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