Week 9/52 : It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart

The other day I posted a mini review of the Hunger Games trilogy, so you probably have an idea on what my inspiration was for this shot 😀

I just love the books so much!  It took me four days to finish the set, but now I’m rereading the entire thing again.  I finished the first book again the other day and gave it to Ckloy so he can get started on it.  I told him he has to read the entire thing by March 23, because that’s when the movie will be out and there’s no way I’m going to miss it.

My title this week came from a quote in the third book. I’m not going to tell you which character said it because some people may consider even that tiny bit of info a spoiler. But I can tell you that he/she was one of my favorite characters in the story.

I don’t own an actual archery set in real life so these were Photoshopped in. I wanted the final picture to be colored, but I couldn’t get the lighting right during editing to I had to convert it to black and white to cover up some of my mistakes.  The bow came from HERE and the quiver from HERE.


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