Valentine cookies

I was backing up some pictures the other day when I found these and realized I haven’t blogged about my Valentines baking adventure with Ezra yet.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we learned how to bake recently and we’ve been having fun experimenting with different recipes.  We enjoyed making sugar cookies so much last time that we decided to bake some again for Valentines Day.

We made the cookie dough by following the same steps we did before, except this time Ezra convinced me to add some red food coloring in the spirit of the holiday:

I was a bit hesitant at first because I was expecting it to turn out ugly, but it looked alright.  Interesting fact : it took forever for us to mix the dough because our electric beater stopped working a few days before this (it was old, my mom has had that beater since her high school days), so we were forced to mix everything by hand!  It was really difficult, especially at first, we had to get Joy to help us out.

Then Ezra and I used the cookie cutters that Ckloy gave me to cut out little hearts:

This is what they looked like after I took them out of the oven:

Sooo cute right??

Most of the cookies came out really nicely, except for one batch.  We were having so much fun cutting out the little hearts that I forgot to set the alarm on my phone and we ended up leaving the cookies in the oven for a little longer than needed.  They didn’t burn, but their undersides turned really brown, which didn’t look that good.  So to remedy this, we decided to make little heart cookie sandwiches using the icing we made:

Problem solved!

Then after this we used Aprille’s piping set to frost the rest:

We also added some heart sprinkles to make them look prettier 😀  I actually wanted to keep the icing white, but Ezra insisted on adding red food coloring again to make it pink because according to her, white icing is boring .  (I still think white would have looked better …)

I gave Ckloy most of the cookies when we saw each other over the weekend, but we also saved some to serve for our family V-day dinner:

We had carbonara, pizza, potato wedges, mozzarella sticks, buko pandan salad, cake and cookies.  Nom nom nom!

Ckloy couldn’t join us on V-day because he had to work, but at least we saw each other the weekend before that.  We pigged out on pizza and junkfood and the Krispy Kremes that he bought for me:

And he also gave me this giant scented candle as a gift because he knows I love them:

(But even though Ckloy and I didn’t see each other V-day, I still received some roses from my dad 😀  He buys Ezra, my mom and me flowers every year ^___^)

Thanks Daddy! 🙂


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