Nail Art tutorial : Tuxedo Nails

Nail art last week 🙂  Saw this design on tumblr a few weeks ago and and decided to give it a try.

First I painted my nails using white nail polish:

Then added little bows using black nail polish and a nail striper:

A bit messy, but it’s the best I can do with my shaky hands.  You can paint the bows by making a small “x” then filling them in.

Then using the same black nail polish and nail striper, make a large “V” on your nails and fill in the outer part:

Finally, use a dotting tool or a nail art pen to add the two black buttons:

All done! 😀

I like to call this my Mr. Simple  nails because seeing so many suits together remind me of Super Junior XD


3 thoughts on “Nail Art tutorial : Tuxedo Nails

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