Little Tokyo (Japanese Village Plaza)

My thesis revisions have been keeping me busy these past few weeks, but I finally have some free time now to blog and sort through vacation pictures again.  These were taken a while ago (three months to be exact), but better late than never right? XD

My last vacation-related entry was about the last day of our little Vegas-Arizona tour.  It was fun but quite tiring, so after that my parents just wanted to spend the next couple of days resting at my aunt’s house.  It’s a good thing that Kurt had his last final exam the same day that we got back, and he decided to temporarily move in to my aunt’s house while we were there as well, which meant that Ezra and I had someone who was willing to drive us around.  We gave him a couple of days to relax and get some energy back from all the studying and deadlines he had to face during his Hell Week before we started requesting places that we wanted to visit.  First on our list was Little Tokyo (AKA J-Town) in Los Angeles.  Our relatives have taken us there a couple of times before during our past visits, and they introduced us to the the yummiest mochi ice cream, which is something that Ezra and I miss terribly back home.

We’re here!

The trees were so pretty, all decked out in Christmas lights

We didn’t want to buy the ice cream immediately because it would melt, so we looked around first before dropping by the grocery store.  We passed our time looking at the shops, eating snacks and peeking inside the restaurants (in a non-creepy way) to see the different foods they serve.

Wishing tree~

Kurt wanted to go inside this toy store but it was already closed when we got there

I told them to act like they were mad at each other

But Kurt couldn’t stay away for too long, lol

I was actually trying to take a picture of the “Heck yeah Karaoke” sign here, but I asked Ezra to pretend to pose for me because I didn’t want the dude who was up there singing to think that I was taking his picture.

I look like a fish here (because Ezra was standing too close to me when she took this photo), but I just had to upload it because of the mitarashi dango 😀  I watched Daa! Daa! Daa! back in 2007 and Wanya (my favorite character) was addicted to these.  He mentions them in practically every episode and it made me really curious about how they taste.  I’m so happy that I finally got to try it!   The rice cake/dango was nice and chewy and the sauce was the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.   Yum yum yum~  I can see why Wanya loved it so much.

This was where Ezra and I first tasted mochi ice cream back in 2002, but we didn’t go inside this time because we learned that it’s cheaper to buy a whole box at the grocery instead of buying individual pieces here.

I handed Kurt my camera so he could take a picture of Ezra and me together, and this is what happened, tsk tsk.  At least he managed to get a bit of me in the picture, lol.

That’s better

We didn’t stay for very long since it was getting late and many of the shops were starting to close for the night.   Just before we left, we dropped by the grocery to pick up a box of the mochi ice cream, along with a few other things we found interesting:

We got two boxes of the mango mochi ice cream and a box of the red bean daifuku (which turned out to be just regular mochi even though it was shelved with the ice creams).  We also bought a pack of taiyaki ice cream.  I was surprised to see it at the Japanese grocery because I’m pretty sure that this is a Korean brand (they’re available here in the Philippines too and I usually buy some when I see them being sold).

We also bought a pack of this melon daifuku

And some candies

And more mitarashi dango XD

After paying for the groceries we headed back home.  But we made a quick stop at In N Out to grab some takeout first because we told our parents we’d be having dinner out so they ate all the food at home.  We nommed on some burgers and fries before pigging out on the mochi ice cream for dessert. Yummm~ 😀


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