Material Girl

(I couldn’t think of a better title, and since this entry will mostly talk about material things, I figured this fits pretty well XD)

Ezra and I are both graduating this April (if all goes according to plan) so we decided to go to Megamall the other week to look for dresses. Ezra’s free to wear any color because UPLB graduates are required to wear a toga, but since I’m graduating from UPD, I needed to look for a white dress. Ezra found one she liked immediately, but I had to try on about 4 different dresses before deciding on what to get. I wasn’t able to take pictures when I tried them on, but I did get plenty of chance to camwhore when it was my mom’s turn to pick out a dress for a wedding she would be attending. (She went through at least 10 different dresses before eventually picking out the first one she tried on *facepalm*) .

Why hello there~  (Ezra’s talking to my mom outside the dressing room and giving her opinion.)

Whoops, she spotted the camera XD


You can see all the white dresses I tried on behind me

After choosing and paying for our dresses, we headed over to Teriyaki Boy to have lunch.  Ckloy met us there and he gave me this:

An iPod Touch!  Weeeeee~

His friend bought it when he went to the States a few months ago but when he got back to the Philippines, he decided to sell it.  He never opened it so it was still new, complete with the stickers and everything.  Ckloy told me about it and suggested that I buy it, but I initially declined the offer because I wasn’t really looking to buy a new mp3 player at the time (even though my old iPod shuffle died last month).  I was actually planning on buying a smartphone and using that to play my music, but Ezra told me that that wasn’t a good idea because I would end up having to constantly charge my phone.  She convinced me that it was a good deal and that I should take it, so when Ckloy offered it to me again a week later and told me he would pay for half of it, I immediately agreed 😀

As soon as we finished lunch, we headed over to SM Cyberzone to look for a case and a screen protector for my new baby.  We looked around for a while before I found the perfect one for me at Power Mac Center:

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s completely my style!  And it came with a free screen protector too 😀

Once I got home, I started filling it up music and games:

Brown Eyed Girls = ♥

I also downloaded a bunch of apps that I thought might be useful and/or fun.  Most of them are for photography (Instagram,  Decopic, iDarkroom, etc), but one of my favorite apps is this e-reader called Stanza:

As you probably know, I’ve been looking for an e-reader for a while now, so I’m really happy to have found this 😀  And it’s free too!

I was worried that since the iPod has a really small screen, I would have a problem with tiny text, but that wasn’t the case:

You can easily adjust the font size by pinching in or out on the screen.  And I also love how you can control the screen brightness by simply scrolling up or down.

But my favorite part is when you go to your library and turn the iPod sideways:

Ta-dah!  You can now browse by book covers (similar to how you can view your music’s album art by turning your iPod sideways).  I know it’s pretty pointless since it’s more convenient to just view your collection in list form, but I find this so cool! XD

Anyway, other apps/games I like are Face Cam, Frametastic, Twitter, Merriam-Webster dictionary, Temple Run, Cross Fingers, Cut the Rope, Draw Something and Scramble with Friends.  And Ezra and I really love FaceTime!  Since she has an iPad (and she also recently got her iPod back from our parents), we can just video call each other anytime, provided we have wifi.  It’s so cool because I could be browsing 9gag or Tumblr, and I’d come across something funny that I want to share with her, so I just open FaceTime and call her.  No need to walk the extra 10 steps to her room, lol.  Or sometimes I’d be downstairs and my parents would tell me to go and call Ezra for dinner – no more walking up the stairs for me!   Ah~  Thank you Apple for bringing our laziness up to a whole new level! XD  And thank you of course to my baby for my new toy!  I love youuuuu!~


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