K-drama Review : Protect the Boss

I started watching this drama months ago, but I didn’t finish it until a few days ago. This review will be shorter than usual because I forgot most of what happened in the beginning of the story already.


Noh Eun Seol is a girl who is in terrible need of a job, however her background as a high school delinquent doesn’t do much to impress future employers and she always ends up getting rejected. Finally sick of the whole thing, she throws a mini tantrum during one of her interviews and informs the people interviewing her that they were being unfair and that she’s no longer the same girl she was in high school. Impressed with her little speech and fiery attitude, Director Cha Moo Won decides to hire her and assigns her as secretary to Cha Ji Heon, his irresponsible and rebellious cousin. She does her best to get Ji Heon back on track and at the same time helps him with a couple of his own personal problems.


No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee)

The lead actress in the series. I found her a bit annoying and over dramatic at first, but she eventually grew on me. She is portrayed as a strong, confident woman who’s trying her best to leave her messy past behind. She gets a job at a top company and is assigned to the worst boss, but she eventually finds her own way to handle him.

I think Choi Kang Hee did an okay job in this role.  It was funny seeing her character interact with her boss, and how she handles his little temper tantrums.  After watching the show, I’m still not a huge fan, but based on what I’ve seen, she’s a decent actress.

Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung)

He plays “The Boss” in this series. He is portrayed as the spoiled rich guy that is so typical in Kdramas. Think Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden or Gu Jun Pyo and Yoon Ji Hoo from BOF, etc.  All arrogant yet adorable sons of rich businessmen and therefore could pretty much get away with anything they want.  Another thing these guys have in common is their weird quirks/phobias. Joo Won was claustrophobic, Ji Hoo had a fear of driving, Jun Pyo was … well … I can’t remember if he had any strange phobias, but he definitely had his own weird things going on. In PTB, Ji Heon was a germaphobe, had ADD, OCD, and had a fear of crowds. Seriously, do all rich cute guys have weird phobias/habits?

Anyway, I really liked Ji Sung’s acting in this drama. He was annoying, rude and weird, but he was also adorably immature and playful.

Cha Moo Won (Kim Jaejoong)

Alright, it’s time for me to be honest – the only reason I watched the show was because of this guy. More specifically, this post that I saw on Tumblr:

Haaaawt~ You can’t really blame me right?

Jaejoong played Ji Heon’s responsible cousin, who worked in the same company. Since Ji Heon constantly rebelled against his father, Moo Won was the crowd favorite for the position of future company president.

Anyway, I found Jaejoong to be an alright actor. Not amazing, there’s definitely room for improvement – but his pretty face more than made up for it 😀 All he had to do was smile or stare at the camera and I would start giggling like crazy. I loved him in his suit, especially after episode 7 when he starting wearing his hair up (like the one in the Tumblr post).

Seo Na Yoon (Wang Ji Hye)

At first I thought she was going to be the typical Kdrama bitchy girl who comes in and tries to ruin things for the lead actress, but I was so wrong. True, it seemed that way at first, but she ended up becoming one of Eun Seol’s closest friends and confidante. Anyway, Wang Ji Hye did a great job with her character and I absolutely loved her in this drama. Next to Moo Won, she was definitely my favorite. She’s so adorably clueless and innocent that you can’t help but want to put your arms around her keep her safe from the real world. I love how she constantly pushes herself into other people’s lives and tries to be their friend but always ends up getting rejected because of how clueless she is 😀

Anyway, other characters include Ji Heon’s dad and grandma, Eun Seol’s best friend and Moo Won’s and Na Yoon’s mom. I don’t really have much to say about them other than the fact that I liked them all, especially Moo Won’s mom. Again, I expected her to be totally evil and horrible, but just like Na Yoon, I found her hilarious and adorable at most times.


This drama is your typical rich guy falls for a poor girl sort of story. I mentioned earlier that Cha Ji Heon’s character is very similar to Kim Joo Won’s and Goo Jun Pyo’s in Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers. And just like those two dramas, the rich male lead in this story meets a tough girl who is not afraid to stand up to them.  This girl is so fiery and different from all other girls he’s met that he can’t help himself and ends up falling in love with her.  Naturally his family and friends (and even the girl) are against it at first, but the couple defies all odds and ends up together.  The plot is very basic and predictable, but the writers did their best to make it enjoyable for the audience.

While I was watching the series, I kept thinking that this seemed more like a sitcom rather than a drama because everything is so comedic and nothing is really taken that seriously. Yes there were a few serious moments, but they were very rare and scattered sparsely throughout the drama.  What surprised me about this story is the lack of villains/antagonists. There were a few people who were out to destroy Ji Heon’s relationship with Eun Seol, as well as his chance of becoming company president, but their actions were done so lightheartedly (and sometimes stupidly) that it makes you wonder if they were planned by 5 year olds.  However, since I’m not a huge fan of melodramas, this was actually a huge plus for me.

In my reviews I always go on and on about how much I love comedies and how much I prefer lighthearted shows that makes me laugh and forget my problems, so you would think that PTB would be my ultimate favorite kdrama, but surprisingly it’s not something that got me hooked.  When I like a show, I can usually finish it within 2-3 days, but this took me months to watch. Yes it’s funny and interesting, but there was just something really lacking about the show – I’m just not sure what it is though.  Although there were a lot of comedic and interesting scenes, I found some parts of the show extremely boring, especially towards the end. In fact, it took me an entire week to finish watching the final episode. I only forced my self to watch it because I didn’t to add this to my list of unfinished dramas. Don’t get me wrong, the story’s not bad, especially during the first few episodes, but after a while things just started to get very dragging.

One thing I did like throughout the whole show was the soundtrack.  I loved Please Let Us Just Love by A-Pink and I’ll Protect You by Jaejoong.  The first song is very upbeat and makes me happy just hearing it play in the background, and the second song is so emotional and powerful that I can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite scenes from the show:

  • All of Ji Heon’s mini temper tantrums
  • The scenes in the elevator when Ji Heon’s dad would beat him up and his secretary would panic and try to cover up the cctv cameras
  • The ointment scene after Noh Eun Seol accidentally got hit by Cha Bong Man
  • The scenes when Ji Heon talks to himself in his room and his dad walks in at the most awkward times (like when he was imagining Noh Eun Seol on his bed XD)
  • When Moo Won and Ji Heon were fighting over Noh Eun Seol’s resignation letter. Moo Won won (that was funny to type XD) ad he proceeded to mock Ji Heon with the cellphone case that Noh Eun Seol gave him as a present
  • The mini shoulder shoving showdown between Moo Won and Ji Heon
  • Noh Eun Seol’s flashback scene at the amusement park, when her dad was telling her that she can only choose two rides. It was painful to see the look on his face because it was very clear that he is the type of father who would be willing to do anything to make his daughter happy, so it killed him not to be able to give her what she wanted. I’m very much a daddy’s girl so this touched my heart so much.
  • The ice cream scene with Na Yoon at the amusement park
  • The scene after Noh Eun Seol got shoved by reporters and Ji Heon got so overprotective.
  • Ji Heon trying to prove his masculinity after he overheard Noh Eun Seol telling the other secretaries that she doesn’t see him as a man
  • Noh Eun Seol’s little tantrum on the rooftop, when she kicked the empty soda can and ended up hitting Na Yoon on the head
  • When Ji Heon first appeared on screen during the meeting (as a solution to his public speaking problem)
  • Ji Heon’s dad taunting Moo Won’s mom after the successful presentation. I loved the part when someone bumped into her and she used the chance to “accidentally” crush his feet with her stilettos, lol. So childish~
  • Ji Heon’s love confession – so romantic and unromantic at the same time, if that makes sense
  • Ji Heon putting bandaids on his Noh Eun Seol cardboard cutout after throwing darts at it. (Every time there’s a scene in Ji Heon’s room, I wonder where the hell he got that cardboard cutout from.)
  • Na Yoon confessing to her mom that she’s been taking self defense classes – I loved how it showed flashbacks of her getting beaten up by Noh Eun Seol
  • That double kiss scene at the end of episode 5 (Jaejoong so hawt~)
  • When “Lord Moo Won” asked to be brought back down to human level so Noh Eun Seol could see him as a man
  • Ji Heon’s dad and Moo Won’s mom trying to rectify their image after news of their fight broke out – helping with community service, walking arm around shoulder. feeding each other after grandma told them to be nicer, LOL.
  • The scenes when Moo Won kept trying to feed Ji Heon food which he didn’t like. Like the time he kept secretly slipping some raw onions into Ji Heon’s bowl.
  • The bus scene with Eun Seol and Ji Heon. It was such a sweet moment and I loved how he kept asking to touch her, but ended up pulling her hair when the bus suddenly braked
  • Ji Heon and Na Yoon spying openly on Moo Won and Eun Seol’s date
  • Moo Won’s mom trying to comfort Na Yoon’s mom in the elevator by tempting her with a mirror
  • The scene when Na Yoon ran away and crashed at Eun Seol’s place. I loved the part when Na Yoon overheard Eun Seol telling Myung Ran that she kissed Ji Heon and Na Yoon ended up crying in the bathroom. She’s so adorable~
  • Actually, I love all the scenes with Na Yoon, especially the ones when she’s crying, lol. Like the time she broke up with Ji Heon and she tossed Eun Seol aside so she could cry on Myung Ran’ shoulder. I also loved the part when the three of them danced to 2NE1’s “I am the Best”. She’s so awkward and cute!
  • The group dinner at samgyupsal place.
  • Sports showdown between Moo Won and Ji Heon. Jaejoong looked so hot at the batting cages XD
  • Moo won cooking for Na Yoon. And Na Yoon telling him that she’ll never let him go now.
  • Moo Won’s “proposal” to Na Yoon. I loved how he told her that he wanted her with him, but they can’t marry just yet because she was still a kid.


Like I mentioned, I enjoyed the beginning of the show a lot, but it got very boring towards the end so I would have to give this a 4 out of 5. It’s funny and interesting, but not really something I would watch over and over again.  However, don’t let my thoughts stop you from watching this.  Give it a try and you might enjoy it more than I did.  Besides, I think I can give you a pretty good reason to pick up this drama:

You can watch the show at Dramacrazy by clicking Jaejoong beautiful face in the picture above 😀


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