(EZRA) 12/52: Black is always beautiful

Eeek, this is 3 weeks late already! But she was super busy with her thesis so we didn’t have time to shoot until recently.  She wore this dress during her thesis defense about 3 weeks ago and I told her that with the pig tails it made her look like Wednesday Addams (from The Addams Family – we used to love that show) so she decided to go with that idea for her self portrait that week.  She decided to leave her bangs down for the shot though, instead of parting it in the middle like Wednesday usually does.

(Although she’s originally supposed to be portraying Wednesday, she reminds me more of that “Orphan” poster in this shot. It’s funny because you know how the tagline for that movie was “there’s something wrong with Esther”? – whenever we would pass by one of those posters, Ckloy and I would tease my Ezra by yelling out “there’s something wrong with Ezra!!” XD  It used to annoy her so much, lol.)


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