Solvang and Pismo Beach

(Finally had time to finish writing this entry after Ezra’s nonstop complaints of how I take forever to post pictures, lol.  Can’t really blame her though seeing as it’s already April.)

After Christmas, my aunt and cousins had a bit of free time so they decided to take us to take us sight seeing.  First on our list was Solvang, a Danish village in Santa Barbara county.  We left my aunt’s place early that morning and arrived at Solvang after about 3 hours.  I didn’t really know what to expect when they told us we would be going to a Danish community, so when we first got there and I saw all the buildings I was so amazed.  I felt like I left America and traveled all the way to Europe.  The place was so beautiful!  It was like something straight out of a children’s story book.  I mean look at this:

Aren’t those buildings just super gorgeous?  And to top it off, it was wonderfully warm and sunny that day.  I didn’t even bother bringing my coat down from the car because the sun felt so good. Also, may I just mention how incredibly amazed I am with how clear and blue the sky was.  We never get such clear skies here in the Philippines.  Even when it’s sunny there’s always a handful of clouds up in the sky.  You won’t find a single cloud in the pictures above 😀  (And no, its not because I photoshopped them out or anything – these pictures are pretty much SOOC except for resizing and watermarking.)

Anyway we spent our morning just walking around the village and taking pictures of all the pretty buildings.  Kuya Wibet kept teasing us because we stopped in front of practically every structure we saw to take group photos, lol.  (Forgive us and our tourist ways~  But seriously, can you blame us?  This place is so lovely!)

(Kurt became more interested in the cars than the buildings)


Horsies!  I had to snap this really quickly because cars kept passing by and blocking the view of the carriage

After about an hour of walking, we passed by this Subway restaurant and decided it was time for us to have our lunch anyway, so we went inside to grab a bite and rest for a bit.

Subway : Danish style 😀

Two hungry girls waiting for their food XD

After eating we walked around the village again and stopped at some gift shops to look for souvenirs:

We came across this shoe store

And took pictures in front of the famous giant red clog:

Ezra looking like a lost little kid here, lol

Taking a break with my dad and Ate Maryann while my mom and aunts looked at all the different shops

We found the leaning Tower Pizza (gettit? XD)

My mom looks so happy 😀

Ezra missed our Christmas tree back home so she posed next to this one

We spotted this Danish bakery and decided to look inside

Yummm~  Look at all those goodies

We also passed by this restaurant selling aebleskiver.  We’ve never heard of it before (how do you even pronounce that anyway) but it looks pretty popular based on the number of people waiting in line, so we decided to try some

Ninang and Ate Maryann with their aebleskivers.  They turned out to be something like little spherical pancakes served with jam, syrup or sugar

Ezra’s all ready with her fork to taste it

On the way back to the car we passed by this park with a statue of Hans Christian Andersen:

I never realized he was Danish until I saw this.  Tsk tsk, how silly of me.  And I wondered why there was a restaurant called The Little Mermaid in the village:

For a while I thought they served mermaids there (j/k – obviously)

Anyway, we had to cross the park to get back to our car

(Once again I am amazed with how blue the sky was)

After this we left Solvang to head over to Pismo Beach

Kurt took this photo of Ezra and me asleep in the car, lol.  Pismo beach was about an hour’s drive away so it was a pretty short nap.  When Kurt woke us after getting there, we didn’t want to get out of the car at first because we were still so sleepy.

Bangag girls.  Apparently beauty naps don’t work on us XD

Eventually I realized that Kurt was enjoying taking pictures of us looking so out of it and he wasn’t going to stop so I quickly woke up and fixed myself up a bit

Ezra’s still too sleepy to care, lol  (I think she was chewing on some candy here to try to wake herself up.)

I’m alive again…

…while Ezra’s still lost

We didn’t really do much there except admire the beautiful view:

(Again, that sky!  Why can’t we have that in the Philippines??)

There were a lot of people walking their dogs that day

The place was so lovely, it would have been perfect for a shoot.  If only we were more prepared.  But we did get a couple of nice shots though:

Love this picture Kurt took of me

This too 😀

Of course he took lots of pictures of Ezra too, but I’m going to avoid spamming you and just post this one of her looking kawawa (Kurt seems to like that for some reason):

This was also when he took Ezra’s last portrait for her 2011 52-week project (which you can see by clicking HERE).

Ezra was having too much fun being all emo so I decided to step in and liven it up a bit XD

With our Daddy dearest

Group shot that my dad took.  Ezra and Kurt weren’t included because they were still off having their own mini shoot on the other side of the pier:

Another group shot (with the lovey dovey couple and my dad included this time)

After this we just sat around the benches and admired the view for a few minutes

Enjoying the warm sun and the cool breeze 🙂  (Look at Ezra and Kurt in the background – off in their own pictorial world again XD)

Mama Darling and me.  (It was so windy that I ended up having to tie my hair to keep it from getting in my mouth)

My mom, aunts and cousins walking back to the car:

Before we left, we stopped by the Farmers Market first:

My mom and aunts bought some salsa and guacamole

Then we went to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.  My aunt told me that it’s pretty famous church and that she visits it whenever she gets the chance.  It was closing by the time we got there though, so we didn’t get to spend that much time inside.  Instead we just explored the church’s garden and took a few pictures.

We found a wishing well so we threw a few coins in and made some wishes:

They had a small cactus garden there

Ezra looking so happy next to this orange tree. (I’m not really sure if those really are oranges, but they look like it, don’t they?)

It was starting to get cold after this so we decided it was time for us to head to our Inn.   After checking in, we grabbed a quick dinner at a nearby restaurant then went to bed early to regain some of the energy we spent by walking all day.  We had 9:30am tickets to a tour of Hearst Castle the following day so we wanted to make sure we were prepared for that 😀


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