Congratulations Ezra! :D

I can’t believe it.  My little sister who hates studying and would always cringe at the thought of having to do anything school related has earned her Master’s Degree!  And in the same year that I did!   The same little sister who always used to call me a nerd for loving school actually decided to go through additional schooling after college!  Who would have thought? 😀

She didn’t plan on it of course.  Right after she earned her Bachelor’s Degree, she worked as a research assistant for my parents.  After a few months she realized she didn’t enjoy it as much as she thought she would so she decided to look for something else to do.  It was during this time that my parents somehow managed to convinced her that she should try studying again.  (It’s their lifelong dream to see Ezra and me with doctorate degrees.)  She was against the idea at first but they told her to just give it a try and that she could always stop if she really doesn’t like it.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she gave up after a semester, but she actually enjoyed herself and decided to finish the course.  She started her graduate studies in 2010 and finished it in two years.  It took me three years to earn my Master’s Degree, so I guess that makes her the nerd now XD  (Peace Ez!)

Like me, she decided not to attend the University graduation but chose to participate in the more intimate CPAF and graduate school recognition ceremonies instead.  Both events took place on April 27th – The CPAF recognition in the morning and the graduate school’s hooding and recognition at night.  I wasn’t able to attend the morning recognition because she was only allowed to bring two guests, so naturally she chose to bring our parents.  But I did wake up early that morning to help her get dressed and to style her hair for her.

Here’s a shot my mom took of her in front of the banner CPAF prepared for its graduates that morning

With the proud parents 😀  My mom is wearing the same dress she wore during my graduation the week before.  She’s had that dress for years now and she calls it her official grad dress.  She first wore it during her own PhD graduation and proceeded to wear it to all our graduations after that – high school, college and now Master’s.  Amazingly it still fits her after all these years XD

The CPAF recognition took the entire morning and included a free lunch.  The three of them came home aftewards and had time for quick naps before we had to get ready again to attend the Hooding and Recognition Rites that evening.

Quick family photo before we left.   We somehow all ended up wearing black that evening.  (My mom changed into a shorter dress because as a University faculty, she had to wear her PhD toga to the event, and the yellow dress was too long.)

Deus dropped by to attend the special event.  (He’s so tall that he had to squat down to fit in the picture.)  Raffy was also there but he was too busy making fun of Ezra (as usual) so I wasn’t able to get a picture with him before we left.


The crowd outside the auditorium.  Ezra left us as soon as we arrived because she had to register to get tickets for all of us

We went inside as soon as we got our tickets to escape the summer heat.  We had to wait about an hour before the graduation march began, but at least we were comfortable and had good seats.

The program

The reserved seats for the graduates

The stage

And the proud sister

Soon the recognition rites began and the graduates started entering the auditorium.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t that good inside so a lot of our shots came out blurry.  Plus they had so many ushers and photographers standing along the aisle that they blocked our chances of getting a good shot T__T

Here’s a shot my dad managed to take.  It’s blurry but at least the no one’s blocking the view.

The ceremony took about 2 1/2 hours.  It was all standard graduation stuff, so there’s nothing much for me to write about.  I passed the time reading ebooks or playing games on my iPod.  Aside from Ezra getting her certificate and my mom going on stage to award her advisee with a medal, nothing really interesting happened.   After it was all over, we met each other outside for some obligatory photos with the graduate.

With the proud parents

With the cousins

and with the sister XD

CONGRATULATIONS EZRA!!! We’re so proud of you! 😀


8 thoughts on “Congratulations Ezra! :D

  1. congrats to both of you! btw, mommy lee’s “grad dress” is quite special to me…she wore this to join our wedding motif which was yellow 🙂

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