(EZRA) 17/52 : Happy graduation!

I call this her ridiculously expensive SP because this picture cost her more than she expected.  She knew she wanted a picture wearing her academic gown for her 52-week project, so after her graduation was over she didn’t return it to the shop immediately.  Once we got home she kept putting the shoot off because it’s really hot over here right now and she didn’t want to wear her toga, until my mom reminded her that she needed to return it.  And even then it took us a few days before we got to shooting this.  Because of that she ended up returning her toga 4 days after the deadline (which she didn’t know about).  Unfortunately there’s a P100 daily fine so she wasn’t too happy about that when she found out.  Especially since the toga had just been lying around the house for almost 3 weeks now.  (It’s the same one I was wearing in this self portrait XD)

Anyway the graduation bear she’s holding in the picture was my present to her back when she graduated from high school.  We thought it was cute that he’s wearing a yellow-lined toga as well so we decided to include him in the shot.


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