My flat iron died today. May it rest in peace…

I’m not really sure what happened.  It was working fine when I used it last night, but when I turned it on to style my hair this morning, it refused to cooperate.  I plugged it in and gave it time to warm up as I applied my makeup, but when I grabbed it to straighten my bangs, the plates were not hot at all.  In fact, they were barely warm.  I’m not even sure if the little heat on them was due to the iron trying to warm itself up, or because it absorbed some of hot air from this heat wave we’ve been having lately.  Anyway, it definitely wasn’t enough to straighten anyone’s hair.  (Not that I didn’t try.  But I might as well have taken two books and used that to style my bangs for all it did, tch.)  Anyway, I did a quick search online and the most reasonable explanation I found was that the heating filament inside has finally burned out.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  After all I’ve been using this flat iron almost everyday for the past 6 years.  (It was one of my first purchases after I got a job.)   I suppose  it’s about time I get a new one.

I texted my sister to tell her about the untimely demise of my poor flat iron and she replied “Haha, say hello to poofy bangs!”  How terribly sensitive of her.  Hmph.  Sorry to disappoint you Ezra, but there’s no way I’m letting that happen.  Thank goodness I have this little guy:

My mini Conair flat iron.  I bought it back in 2009 when we went to California because I thought it would be a useful thing to have when I travel.  It’s tiny, comes with a heat protectant pouch, and it’s dual-voltage too!  (Whenever we visit the states, Ezra and I always end up having to borrow Kurt’s flat iron because ours operate on 220V and American outlets run on 110V…)


The only downside is that because it’s so small, I can only use it to straighten my bangs.   I’ve tried straightening my entire head using this once and I gave up after 20 minutes.  Also, I’m not really happy with the fact that it only has an On and Off switch, so I can’t control the temperature.  It gets super hot after a while, so I’m scared that I’ll end up burning my hair, which is why in the three years that I’ve had it, I’ve only used it a handful of times.


Mommy iron and baby iron 🙂

I just think it’s funny that my flat iron decided to stop working the day that Ezra had to leave for a one-week long training workshop.  Normally I can just pop over to her room and use her iron, but she brought it along with her so for now I suppose I have to make do with my tiny Conair one.   Still, it’s better than going out with unruly hair, so I should probably stop complaining.  

If anyone has any suggestions on which flat iron I should get next, feel free to leave a comment.  I heard Revlon and Babyliss are pretty good.  (CHI, Conair and GHD come highly recommended too but I don’t think those are available in the Philippines.)  Anyway I’m not really particular when it comes to brands, as long as it does the job.  (Although chances are I’ll probably end up getting another Vidal Sassoon one since I was pretty happy with my old one.)


5 thoughts on “My flat iron died today. May it rest in peace…

  1. I’m a hair stylist and I personally swear by Babybliss!I’ve had mine for years and years and it heats up fast, has ceramic plates. Cools down fairly quickly. Last so long, cleans so easy and is just as good if not better than a GHD or Chi, and I’ve tried both. My sister and my mom each own a GHD and a Chi, I personally swear by my Babyliss that I got from beautyschool and still to do this use it.

    And I believe either the Babyliss or the GHD may have a warranty on theirs if they ever die. Look into it *u* good luck

    • Ooh, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip! 😀
      I’ve actually used Babyliss a few times before. That’s what Kurt (my sister’s boyfriend) uses, and he lets us borrow it whenever we visit California. It’s pretty good and quite sturdy too. He’s had it for years and it’s still in good condition 🙂

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