Kupo connection

I’ve been feeling a bit restless these past few days (probably because I haven’t been out of the house since last Sunday) so as soon as I woke up yesterday, I texted Brinks and asked her if she wanted to go get a facial with me.  She was actually planning on going shopping that day with her brothers, but they decided to bail so hooray for me.  She agreed to come with me as long as in return I go with her to get her hair cut.  I picked her up around 3pm and we headed over to SM Calamba.   It’s pretty far but I needed to drop by Watsons and go grocery shopping anyway so we figured it was the best choice.

Yesterday’s outfit.  It felt good to get a chance to dress up and be girly after lounging about in oversized t-shirts and shorts the entire week.

We got stuck in traffic (as usual) so we took pictures to pass the time.  Brinks kept laughing at me because after spending the whole week at home, I got a bit claustrophobic inside the car and had to open the window to be able to breathe properly.

Anyway we spent the whole day shopping and running errands while we updated each other on our daily lives.  She got her hair cut and I managed to drop by the grocery to pick up some stuff for my mom.  I also looked around for a new flat iron to replace the one I broke last week.  I found a similar model to mine and was thinking about buying it but the saleslady suggested that I bring my old iron next time and they will see if they can fix it for me.  Since a new flat iron goes for about P3000 and she told me that the repairs would only cost  me around P450, I decided it would be wise to wait and see if they can fix it before getting up a new one.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up anything yesterday.  Watsons was having a sale so I ended up with a few unplanned purchases:

From L-R : Etude House Bubble Hair Color, Cream Silk Perfection Instant Frizz Control leave-on conditioner, Power Dose hair repair supplement, Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging serum, Olay Natural White Day Cream and Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Soft Azallea.  (The Etude House hair dye wasn’t really a purchase, it was from Brinks – I bought it months ago but never got around to using it so I gave it to Brinks.  Unfortunately she’s too too scared to try it so I asked for it back because I’ve been thinking of dyeing my hair red again XD).  Because my purchases totaled to more than P1500, I got a free umbrella, yay~

I also picked up a refill of these two serums from the derma clinic where we got our facials done:

The dermatologist actually prescribed these back in December for a condition I have, but lately I’ve been using it on my whole face and found that I liked the results.  It didn’t do much for what they were initially intended for, but it does wonders for the rest of my face.

Anyway, we had to leave after our facials because we both promised that we’d be home for dinner.  Unfortunately we got caught in traffic again and we ended up getting home around 9pm, lol.

Thanks for the fun day Kup!  (Stole this picture from Brinks’s instagram account, hihi XD) I can’t tell you how good it felt to finally get out of the house 😀  Mwah mwah~


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