Review : Sassy nail art pens

I know I promised to review these nail art pens months ago, but I keep forgetting about them.  I apologize.

Anyway, I found these during one of my visits to Watsons and I couldn’t help but get every color. (I think they have more available, but these were the only ones Watsons had at the time.)  I couldn’t help myself, they were only P36!

Although they are packaged differently, these pen function just like my old Etude House nail art pens.  You squeeze them and a drop of nail polish comes out at the tip.  You can control the size of the dot depending on how hard you squeeze.

One thing I love about these pens is that they come with this pin-like stopper thing that prevents the nail polish from drying up inside the tips:

The red cap is attached to a tiny needle that goes inside the pen’s tip.  My Etude House pens don’t have these and their tips keep getting blocked, which is annoying.  I always end up having to soak them in nail polish remover just so I can get the nail polish out.

But the best thing about these pens (aside from the price tag) is this:

It doubles as a nail striper!  When you unscrew the top you will find a long and thin brush that will let you paint stripes and other details on  your nails.  Pretty cool huh?  I didn’t know this when I first bought them, I thought they were just regular pens meant for dotting, so it was a pleasant surprise for me 😀

Anyway, I haven’t had much time for nail art lately, so I haven’t gotten around to using all the colors, but I have used a couple to make the following designs:

The butterflies, hearts and flowers are stickers, but I used the black and silver pens to add the dots and stripes

I used the black striper to make the bow and the “V” shape, then added in the dots

These are Brinks’ nails, but I did the penguin nail art for her.  I used the white, black and gold pen for these.

I’ve had some free time lately so I’ve been searching online for other designs I can make using these pens.  I just love them.  They’re so affordable and useful.  I haven’t used the red and purple ones yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it 🙂


8 thoughts on “Review : Sassy nail art pens

  1. That’s nice. Useful for people who like making nail art. I’m a nail biter so it’s useless to me. Makes me want to grow my nails though. I wanna try them! Or I could just attach fake nails (I have one big bag of fake nails) and design it. XD

    • My sister went through a nail biting phase when she was younger (around middle school) so my mom made her start wearing nail polish to prevent it. She convinced my sister that nail polish is toxic and you will die if you eat it (which is true naman, haha).
      Where do you get your fake nails? And how long do they last? I always want to try them but I’m worried I’ll just end up ripping them off.

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