My nail polish collection and nail art materials

Long overdue entry.  Tring requested this months ago but I kept forgetting about it.  (Sorry Tring XD).

Anyway, in this post I will show you guys the stuff I use to make my nail art.

First, let’s talk about my nail polish collection.  Contrary to what most people believe, I don’t actually own a lot.  I usually just stick to wearing black, silver, purple, red or pink and decorate them using stickers and other stuff.  Also, I normally throw out old bottles the minute they start drying up because I hate streaky nails.  So even though I’m always buying new ones, my entire collection can fit in these three small baskets I got at the Dollar Tree last January.

Here’s a closeup of the bottles grouped according to brand:

Etude House Petit Darling Nails (P48 each).  I use these a lot because I love pastel shades.

Etude House Petit Darling HD Beam Nails (P98 each).  I love the purple and silver one.  The rest I normally just use when I do nail art.

Wet and Wild (I think I got these for 99 cents each at Walgreens).  The pink glittery polish on the far left is one of my absolute faves!  It’s so saturated with glitter than you can use it by itself (just layer on a few coats) and end up with sparkly pink nails 😀

I didn’t realize I owned a lot of these Caronia polishes until I took pictures for this entry.  I always thought I only had about 2 or 3 of them.  They’re only about P35 (the smaller ones) so sometimes I grab a bottle when we go grocery shopping.  Anyway I like using the sparkly beige shades for my toes because they make my feet look feminine yet natural.  (Although these days my toenails are usually red with gold glitter.)

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Week 23/52 : Some bunny loves you

Random self portrait. I’m still 3 weeks behind on my project so I just grabbed these bunny ears and took some pictures because it matched my outfit. I wore this for Father’s Day dinner last Sunday. Our family went to church then we had dinner at this new (sorta) restaurant called Isdaan. The food was pretty good and I liked that they had performers to entertain the audience, but I still prefer Kamayan sa Palaisdaan because it’s peaceful and less crowded. (And the food’s so much cheaper XD)

Anyway, it’s now the second week of the semester and so far so good. I haven’t met all my classes yet since majority of them fall on Tuesdays and these were declared holidays for the past two weeks. But I’ve enjoyed all the other classes I was able to have and I can’t wait to get to know my students a bit more 😀


(I was actually thinking of making this my main upload since my pose in the top photo is very similar to my Week 3 self portrait this year, but Ezra told me she liked that one better so I posted it anyway.)

(EZRA) 22/52 : Passion

Red and black ❤

I love her red hair extensions. She bought them last weekend when we attended Toycon 2012.

She’s always wanted red streaks in her hair.  She actually went to a salon years ago to get it professionally done but it didn’t turn out too nicely.  The red showed up at the top of her head, but it faded to a dull brown as it went down.  And the red didn’t remain vibrant for long.  After a few weeks it turned into some sort of brassy, orangey color.  It took her years to grow out the colored hair because she didn’t want to dye it black.  (She had a severe allergic reaction to a henna tattoo back in college and the doctor told her that she should stay away from any sort of black dye from then on.)  She got most of the dyed hair chopped off this summer, but you can still see a hint of the orange in this shot.

Anyway, she’s really happy to have found these extensions.  They’re the perfect length for her and the SA told us that they were made of high temperature synthetics, which means that she can can flat iron or curl them and they would be fine.  If only she knew about them years ago, she could have avoided the whole hair dye fiasco.  And they were really cheap too!   (I should have gotten a few for myself as well.)

(EZRA) 21/52 : Rainmaker

This is actually a re-creation of an old photomanipulation I did way back in 2007.  That was when I first started out on deviantart and I had just discovered Photoshop.  Back then I had a lot of free time so I spent hours browsing through the lovely stocks they had on dA and coming up with photomanipulations.  I miss those days.  These days I can barely find time to shoot a simple self portrait.

Anyway, Ezra told me that she wanted to do something rain-related because of the current weather here in the Philippines, so I showed her my old photomanip.  She loved the concept so we decided to make something similar for her self portrait.

Water and cloud brushes from

Toycon 2012 Haul

Last Saturday Ezra and I attended the 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (ToyCon 2012) with Ckloy and our cousins.  My cousins were excited to see the cosplayers, but Ezra and I were more interested in the stuff they had for sale inside the convention.  We stuck together most of the time but it was really crowded inside and at some point I got separated from them.  I took this as my chance to go around on my own and get some shopping done 😀    Here’s my haul from the event:

Upon entering Megatrade Hall 1, we found Chikara hats and Ezra bought a Jake beanie for Kurt.  The also sold all sorts of glasses and I ended up buying these super adorable Hello Kitty frames

I found a booth selling NYX makeup and ended up getting one of their lipbalms and jumbo pencils.  It’s such a coincidence because KayC recommended the NYX lipbalm just a few days ago and I told her I wish I knew where I could get them in the Philippines.  And now I have one. Yay 😀

I got these cute vintage earrings for for only P50 each

Adorable cellphone case for my Galaxy S2 for only P195

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Week 22/52 : The camera captures light, our minds capture images

This was supposed to be my submission for TOTW‘s “vintage” week. Unfortunately I could’t find time to edit it earlier and now it’s too late to submit it to the group.

As you probably already know (since I’ve mentioned it several times now) I’ve recently just graduated.  But what I haven’t told you is that as soon as I got my certificate of graduation (since my diploma isn’t available yet) I reapplied for my old teaching job at the university and they agreed to take me back ^___^ Since I already have my Masters degree, I will be returning as an assistant professor. Can you believe it?  Me!  A professor!!  “Assistant” professor, but a professor nonetheless 😀  I don’t know about you but when I hear people say “professor” I always picture a distinguished old man wearing a suit and bowtie, sitting on some fancy armchair in his office while reading a classic novel and smoking a pipe.  I certainly don’t imagine a tiny little girl who spends her days reading paranormal romance novels, watching Asian dramas and lurking around the internet. XD

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be back. My first class will be on Friday, I can’t wait 😀

(The camera I’m holding in this picture is a Yashica rangefinder. It belonged to my adviser – he collects all sorts of vintage cameras. When he left the university he gave all his advisees a camera to remember him by. He told us they were all in working condition, but we’ve never really tried to use them XD)

Wallpaper texture came from HERE

(EZRA) 20/52 : Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

I’m uploading this *so* late!  The school year has started so I’ve been really busy again.  Ezra and I are 3 weeks behind on our self portraits, ack.

Anyway we shot this in our garden a few weeks ago.  But I only managed to edit ad upload it to Flickr earlier this week.  The flowers came from Baguio.  Ezra and my mom went there last month for a week-long workshop.

Title came from a quote by Gerard De Nerval.