Big Bear Snow Play

(Another super late blog entry from our holiday trip.  These were taken sometime in January.  But the good news is that this will probably be my last entry about our US trip since the only other photos I haven’t gotten around to posting were the ones we took on New Year’s and it seems kinda silly to post them now that we’re halfway through 2012.)

During our visit to California, we mostly stayed over at Ninang’s house, but on our last week there we spent a couple of days staying with my uncle.  One of his favorite place to take us is Big Bear Mountain, and this time was no exception.  However, instead of simply wandering around the town and lake, we requested that we do something different this time – like tubing  😀  So he made arrangements and we scheduled a day to play in the snow.


So pretty ❤  It was our 2nd time to see snow that year 🙂

All bundled up to keep myself from freezing

We left my uncle’s place at around 9:30am and after about an hour’s drive we arrived at our destination:

Big Bear Snow Play.  None of us have been here before, but we’ve passed it a few times during our previous visits. We’ve always wanted to go in, but we never had the chance until now.

We stopped by the counter first to get our tickets

They provided us with these Snow Play tags.  These are good  for one day (unlimited entries) in the park.  They attach it to your belt hoops or your shoes and you just have to present it to the guard every time you want to go inside the park.

Look at all those colorful tubes waiting for us

It was actually pretty warm that day so there wasn’t a lot of snow.  But the good thing about Snow Play is that they make their own when there’s not enough, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it snowed the day before to go and have fun.

Pretty cool right??  The two runs on the end are more “extreme” since it has a couple of bumps along the way.

Once inside, we rushed into the pile of colorful tubes to choose one for ourselves. Of course we all wanted a shiny new one.

Oops, Ezra I don’t think you want that one

Kurt chose a blue tube while my mom and Ninang went for the red ones.  Ezra initially picked out a red tube but swapped it for a blue one later on in the day.  I switched back and forth between yellow and red because those colors seemed to match the happy and excited mood I had that day.

We took a few shots near the entrance before actually heading up the hill.

And because no blog entry is complete without any vain shots of me, here you go:

(That last one is for Ezra because she loves it when I smile with only my two front teeth showing.  She’s always calling me up on Facetime and asking me to smile like that so she can screencap it.  I swear she has a whole collection of my rabbit smiles.  Weirdo.)

After a while, we realized that although it was cold, the sun and all our moving around was more than enough to keep us warm, so we decided to get rid of our coats.  I took them to my dad and uncle who insisted that they were too old to go sliding down a hill and opted to wait for us at the lodge.

Ang mag kuya

When I returned, I found Ezra and Kurt with this huge snowball they made while waiting for me:

(They had enough self control to show it off to the camera first before attempting to hit me with it.)

After this we headed up the hill:

The nice thing about this place is that they had what they called a “magic carpet” – a walkalator type thing that we could ride up to the top.  This way we don’t have to waste any energy climbing up the slippery hill and we could just focus on enjoying the ride back down.  There were actually two of these, one on each side.  The one the right was covered and shady so we rode those up the first couple of times, but we discovered that there was a shorter line for the one on the left so we switched to that one after a while.

We spent our entire day sliding down the hill.  It sounds repetitive but I assure you it was a lot of fun.  We tried to keep track of how many times we went but we lost count after 11.  Anyway here are some of the pictures we took that day:

(Lol, my mom looks like a celebrity telling the paparazzi to stop taking pictures of her in this shot XD)

This is Ezra looking sad because I wasn’t able to take her picture as she slid down.  I was waiting for her and Kurt at the bottom of the hill at the leftmost lane, but they didn’t see me and ending up sliding down a different one.  By the time I saw them, she was already halfway down.

Aww, poor little bubwit

But we slid down so many times that by the end of the day it didn’t matter that I wasn’t able to capture her first few slides.

See XD

There were a couple of times when the wind caught her hat and blew it off halfway down the run and she had to go back to retrieve it, lol.

Kurt liked taking the video camera up with him and recording himself screaming his head off as he slid down (j/k!  Peace Kurt!)

We started off going downhill individually but after observing some of the other guests, we learned that it was more fun to slide down as a group.  Each of us still sat on our own tubes but we slid down together and held hands the entire way.  It allowed us to go faster and made the whole thing so much more fun and chaotic!

After a few hours of going up and down, we barely had any energy left.  Even with the magic carpet to take us uphill, walking around in the snow was extremely tiring.  Ezra found a simple solution for this:


Ninang wanted me to pull her up too, unfortunately she was much heavier than Ezra, and I was much weaker than Kurt:


In the end we decided to just take a short break and rest in the shade for a while

At around 1pm we left the park to go grab some lunch, but we headed straight back to our tubes as soon as we were done.  (Well most of us did – Kurt had a headache from staying up late the previous night and decided to just stay in the car and nap.)  I left my camera with my dad this time to fully enjoy myself so no more pictures for me.  The park closes at 4pm so at around 3:45, the staff started cleaning up and telling people that they needed to leave soon.  We managed to get two more runs down before they closed off the magic carpet.

Some group photos outside before we left the park:

It was only around 4pm at this time, but already so dark.

We stuck around for a while to watch how the staff made new snow using their snow machines before leaving.  We were all extremely exhausted and dirty by then, but we had to meet my great uncle for dinner.  We forgot how tired we were when he took us to this Asian buffet restaurant and saw all the yummy food they had to offer 😀

My first round – different kinds of sushi, cheese wantons and some string beans XD

Kurt got excited when he saw that they served crawfish.  (Or as he liked to call it “baby lobsters”, lol.)  Look at his plate!

After we finished eating, the adults chatted and caught up while Ezra, Kurt and I took turns playing Jetpack Joyride on Ezra’s iPod.  Soon people started complaining about how tired they were so we said our goodbyes and headed home.  When we got back to my uncle’s place I had just enough energy for a quick hot shower before  I collapsed in my bed and fell into a deep sleep.  I’m so glad we got the chance to do this.  Who knew sliding down a hill on a rubber tube could be so much fun 😀


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