INSTABITS : May 2012

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here on my blog yet, but my parents got me a new phone when I graduated last April.  (Well, my graduation was in April, but they bought me the phone towards the end of March.)  My old phone was over 5 years old, so I was pretty excited 😀  I was torn between the iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2, but in the end I went for the S2 since I already have my iPod and I can get most of the iPhone apps on there anyway.

My new baby, complete with fingerprint smudges XD

I loaded it up with games and all sorts of apps but mostly I use it as a camera and as an alarm clock.  I downloaded an ebook reader for it too (Aldiko) but I still prefer to use my iPod to read books.

Anyway, about two months ago, Instagram was finally made available to Android users 😀  Because of this, I decided to start this little thing here on my blog called Instabits where I will post all (or most of) my Instagram uploads for the month.  (I know, the title is so unoriginal but I think it’s cute.  I was initially thinking of calling it Insta-life, but Instabits reminds me of cereal, and I love cereal XD).  This is my very fist Instabits post, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up 🙂

This entry is meant for May, but I decided to include a couple of my uploads from late April too.  I’ll try to keep the captions as they are, except when I feel like I need to elaborate on something since most of my captions are pretty short.

(Also, if you’re expecting some kind of flow or story, you’re most likely going to end up disappointed.  These entries are meant to be photo dumps of pictures taken by my phone.  Think of them as tiny fragments of my life.)


All dressed up to attend Ezra’s graduation 🙂


Congrats dear sis!


Ezra and me with our cousins at her hooding/recognition ceremony 🙂

photo (4)

Kupos! Brinks and me at Ezra’s and my graduation party (April 29)

*love*love* (also taken during our grad party)

photo (2)

Amie and me after my teaching demo and IMSP interview last May 2.


Bored kids waiting for me to finish my hot oil treatment. (We went with Ezra to get her hair cut and decided to pamper ourselves while we were at it, so Raffy and I got hair spas done. They finished earlier than I did and had to wait for me XD)


Here they are pretending to be angels waiting patiently for me.


Afterwards we stopped by Pizza Hut for some take out.  Ezra, Raffy and Deus abused my phone’s camera while we waited.


Ezra and Raffy. This is what boredom does to them XD


*kira kira*


Raffy spent two weeks with us this month.  Ezra and I took him to have dinner at Bonitos.


Our food. Check out Raffy’s giant burger!


About a week after my interview and teaching demo, IMSP contacted me to tell me that I’ve been accepted and I needed to get my medical done ASAP.  Waiting around for doctors in non-airconditioned rooms can be tiring 😦


On my parents’ 28th anniversary (May 12) we went on a mini vacation to Bohol (blog entry to follow).  This is me waiting for our flight to board at NAIA terminal 2


Ikemen manga character keeps Ezra entertained as we wait for our flight


We stayed at the Panglao Blue Water Beach Resort


And we had our meals at the hotel’s restaurant (Aplaya)


Hungry girls getting ready to go have dinner


My parents’ complimentary anniversary cake from the hotel restaurant 😀 Yummm~ (I think they mis-dotted the ‘i’ though XD)


Ezra told me to try the tiny native hot chocolate for breakfast. Yum yum. (My mom’s wondering if its “tsokolate ah” or “tsokolate eh” XD)


I was secretly hoping that the Chocolate Hills were made of real chocolate

Went glass bottom boating on our 3rd day there


The room Ezra and I shared. I love the bed. It looks like it’s floating 🙂


Our hotel had an iPod dock in all its rooms. I love it! I should get one for myself 🙂


Heart to heart talk with a rhinoceros beetle Ezra found at the beach and brought back to our hotel.


Our last night there we had dinner at Alona Beach


Another shot of the beach


Back at LB, Ezra and I dropped by the bazaar and I bought a new ring 🙂


Ckloy brought Krispy Kremes for me during one of his weekend visits


Zagu with Ckloy after dropping by his parents’ house. We found copies of our BS theses there!


Found this on Tumblr. An excerpt from “The Realm of Possibility” by David Levithan. It sounded interesting so I downloaded the ebook, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.


My mom and Ezra went on a one-week long training in Baguio, leaving only my dad and me behind. I got so bored that I decided to bake some cookies. This is the first time I baked alone T_T


Posted this in anticipation of my mom’s and Ezra’s return after being gone for a week


(I already posted this in a previous blog entry, but here it is again) Brinks and me stuck in traffic on the way to SM Calamba.

That’s it for this month’s Instabits.  Most of my uploads were from our Bohol vacation, which I haven’t gotten around to blogging about just yet.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do that later this month 😀


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