Week 22/52 : The camera captures light, our minds capture images

This was supposed to be my submission for TOTW‘s “vintage” week. Unfortunately I could’t find time to edit it earlier and now it’s too late to submit it to the group.

As you probably already know (since I’ve mentioned it several times now) I’ve recently just graduated.  But what I haven’t told you is that as soon as I got my certificate of graduation (since my diploma isn’t available yet) I reapplied for my old teaching job at the university and they agreed to take me back ^___^ Since I already have my Masters degree, I will be returning as an assistant professor. Can you believe it?  Me!  A professor!!  “Assistant” professor, but a professor nonetheless 😀  I don’t know about you but when I hear people say “professor” I always picture a distinguished old man wearing a suit and bowtie, sitting on some fancy armchair in his office while reading a classic novel and smoking a pipe.  I certainly don’t imagine a tiny little girl who spends her days reading paranormal romance novels, watching Asian dramas and lurking around the internet. XD

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be back. My first class will be on Friday, I can’t wait 😀

(The camera I’m holding in this picture is a Yashica rangefinder. It belonged to my adviser – he collects all sorts of vintage cameras. When he left the university he gave all his advisees a camera to remember him by. He told us they were all in working condition, but we’ve never really tried to use them XD)

Wallpaper texture came from HERE


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