Toycon 2012 Haul

Last Saturday Ezra and I attended the 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (ToyCon 2012) with Ckloy and our cousins.  My cousins were excited to see the cosplayers, but Ezra and I were more interested in the stuff they had for sale inside the convention.  We stuck together most of the time but it was really crowded inside and at some point I got separated from them.  I took this as my chance to go around on my own and get some shopping done 😀    Here’s my haul from the event:

Upon entering Megatrade Hall 1, we found Chikara hats and Ezra bought a Jake beanie for Kurt.  The also sold all sorts of glasses and I ended up buying these super adorable Hello Kitty frames

I found a booth selling NYX makeup and ended up getting one of their lipbalms and jumbo pencils.  It’s such a coincidence because KayC recommended the NYX lipbalm just a few days ago and I told her I wish I knew where I could get them in the Philippines.  And now I have one. Yay 😀

I got these cute vintage earrings for for only P50 each

Adorable cellphone case for my Galaxy S2 for only P195


Pouch for my phone (P35).  I’ve been having trouble looking for a slim pouch that will fit my phone because it’s so big, but this one’s perfect 😀

I also bought a few necklaces for P100-P150 each:

I bought two of these polymer clay necklaces – one for Brinks and me.  She couldn’t attend the event so she asked me to pick out a necklace for her.   I chose my two favorites from the store and let her decide which one she wanted.  She went for the heart shaped Totoro and I got to keep the other one.

Lastly, this isn’t really part of *my* haul since it was another thing that Brinks asked me to pick up for her, but it’s too cute not to include in this entry:

A chocobo beanie! 😀  She didn’t ask for the chocobo specifically, she just said she wanted a cute beanie with ear flaps.  When I saw this I knew I had to get it for her, so I snagged it before someone else could buy it.  (It was the last one available there.)

We saw each other last Sunday so I could give her bilin to her.  Here’s a shot of her wearing her new beanie:

Kweeeeeeh!  (Grabbed from Brinks’s Instagram account)

(There was a booth which sold heart-shaped Lolita glasses and I wanted to get the white one, but I figured I would think about it first since I already bought the Hello Kitty frames.  By the time I made up my mind and decided to get them they were sold out T__T)

Anyway that’s it for my haul.  I wish I had more time to go around the booths and shop.  But there’s always next year 😀


3 thoughts on “Toycon 2012 Haul

  1. Thanks for my stuff kup!! love love the chocobo talaga.. ahahah natawa lang ako sa line mo “she wanted a cute beanie with ear flaps” =)) ang sabi ko “without the ear muffs part kasi mahal yung ganon, kaya pala hahahhaha nevertheless, LOOOOVE ❤

    • Talaga? LOL, mali pala pagkaintindi ko. Naghanap pa talaga ako ng may ear muffs, hahaha. Madami din kasi cute pero walang ear flaps kaya di ko binili. Oh well, at least nakita ko tuloy si chocobo XD

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