(EZRA) 22/52 : Passion

Red and black ❤

I love her red hair extensions. She bought them last weekend when we attended Toycon 2012.

She’s always wanted red streaks in her hair.  She actually went to a salon years ago to get it professionally done but it didn’t turn out too nicely.  The red showed up at the top of her head, but it faded to a dull brown as it went down.  And the red didn’t remain vibrant for long.  After a few weeks it turned into some sort of brassy, orangey color.  It took her years to grow out the colored hair because she didn’t want to dye it black.  (She had a severe allergic reaction to a henna tattoo back in college and the doctor told her that she should stay away from any sort of black dye from then on.)  She got most of the dyed hair chopped off this summer, but you can still see a hint of the orange in this shot.

Anyway, she’s really happy to have found these extensions.  They’re the perfect length for her and the SA told us that they were made of high temperature synthetics, which means that she can can flat iron or curl them and they would be fine.  If only she knew about them years ago, she could have avoided the whole hair dye fiasco.  And they were really cheap too!   (I should have gotten a few for myself as well.)


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