Week 23/52 : Some bunny loves you

Random self portrait. I’m still 3 weeks behind on my project so I just grabbed these bunny ears and took some pictures because it matched my outfit. I wore this for Father’s Day dinner last Sunday. Our family went to church then we had dinner at this new (sorta) restaurant called Isdaan. The food was pretty good and I liked that they had performers to entertain the audience, but I still prefer Kamayan sa Palaisdaan because it’s peaceful and less crowded. (And the food’s so much cheaper XD)

Anyway, it’s now the second week of the semester and so far so good. I haven’t met all my classes yet since majority of them fall on Tuesdays and these were declared holidays for the past two weeks. But I’ve enjoyed all the other classes I was able to have and I can’t wait to get to know my students a bit more šŸ˜€


(I was actually thinking of making this my main upload since my pose in the top photo is very similar to my Week 3 self portrait this year, but Ezra told me she liked that one better so I posted it anyway.)


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