My nail polish collection and nail art materials

Long overdue entry.  Tring requested this months ago but I kept forgetting about it.  (Sorry Tring XD).

Anyway, in this post I will show you guys the stuff I use to make my nail art.

First, let’s talk about my nail polish collection.  Contrary to what most people believe, I don’t actually own a lot.  I usually just stick to wearing black, silver, purple, red or pink and decorate them using stickers and other stuff.  Also, I normally throw out old bottles the minute they start drying up because I hate streaky nails.  So even though I’m always buying new ones, my entire collection can fit in these three small baskets I got at the Dollar Tree last January.

Here’s a closeup of the bottles grouped according to brand:

Etude House Petit Darling Nails (P48 each).  I use these a lot because I love pastel shades.

Etude House Petit Darling HD Beam Nails (P98 each).  I love the purple and silver one.  The rest I normally just use when I do nail art.

Wet and Wild (I think I got these for 99 cents each at Walgreens).  The pink glittery polish on the far left is one of my absolute faves!  It’s so saturated with glitter than you can use it by itself (just layer on a few coats) and end up with sparkly pink nails 😀

I didn’t realize I owned a lot of these Caronia polishes until I took pictures for this entry.  I always thought I only had about 2 or 3 of them.  They’re only about P35 (the smaller ones) so sometimes I grab a bottle when we go grocery shopping.  Anyway I like using the sparkly beige shades for my toes because they make my feet look feminine yet natural.  (Although these days my toenails are usually red with gold glitter.)

Ezra loves the Chic brand so she has a couple of them but I only have 4, and these are pretty old.  I’m probably going to throw most of them out sometime soon.  You can see that the purple and beige have started to dry up.  I think it’s been over a year since I used these.  I also don’t use the clear blue polish anymore but I modified the brush so I can use it as a striper for my nail art.  I keep it inside the bottle so it stays soaked in nail polish and won’t harden.  (If I remember correctly, these cost about the same as the Caronia polishes.)

Bobbie polishes.  I can’t remember how much the big ones cost but I think I got the smaller ones for about P30-P35.  I actually love the colors that Bobbie has to offer but I try to avoid buying them because from experience they take forever to dry on my nails.  And most of them are really sheer (like the yellow one in the picture).  But it’s been so long since I bought a Bobbie polish so maybe they’ve changed their formula since then.

I’m not sure what brand these are (BK?  EK?  3K?) but I think they’re from China.  I got them in Greenhills. They came in a set of three for P150.  The black is a crackle polish and the silver is meant to be used as a base.  The clear polish is there to add shine and protect the design.  I’ve only used it once and it looks great but it’s such a pain to remove!  I don’t own any other crackle polishes so I’m not sure if they’re all like that.

Lastly, the “others”.  From left to right we have my NYC Starry Silver Glitter polish, Revlon Matte Suede in Ruby Ribbon, Color Trends in some kind of pink shade, Del Sol glitter polish and Sassy clear polish.  I got the NYC polish from Walmart for about 97 cents, the Revlon polish I got for free when I bought a box of the Revlon Colorsilk hair dye, the Del Sol glitter polish was a gift from my cousin, the Sassy polish came from Watsons and I can’t remember where I got the Color Trends polish.  My favorite from this set is definitely the Del Sol glitter polish.  I use it all the time.  Just like the pink Wet and Wild glitter polish I showed earlier, I love how this is so packed with glitter.  If I remember correctly, this came in a set of 3 but I can’t find the other ones 😦  The brand is called Del Sol because it’s suppose to change colors when you expose it to sunlight, but I’ve never seen that happen.  (I still love it anyway XD)

Now, for my nail art materials.  The very first nail art I tried involved the use of nail art stickers, and since then I’ve made sure to get my hands on all the cute ones I can find – at least the ones from Etude House.  In fact, all the nail stickers I own are from Etude House:

I used up a lot of these stickers and I always make sure to buy new ones whenever I run out of a certain design.  If I remember correctly these cost about P98 each.  But they’re totally worth it because each pack can last for about 3-5 uses (depending on how you use them of course).

I also have a few of these new Jewel Nail Art Stickers from Etude House.  The designs are so adorable but they’re more expensive than the regular nail art stickers.  I can’t remember how much they are exactly, but if I had to guess I would say each one costs around P150-P200.

Etude House recently introduced these nail stickers that’s meant to go over your entire nail.  (Sorta like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips.)  Aren’t they adorable?  I can’t wait to try them out!  (These were around P178 I think.)

If you want something cheaper you can try these Nail Foils I found at Landmark for only P30.  I haven’t used them yet either so I can’t tell you how well they work.  I’ll post a review when I get a chance.

For dotting I used to use these nail art pens from Etude House (~P148 each).  I had 4 of these (pink, white, black and red) but they dry up so quickly so I ended up having to throw out the red and black ones.  I’m just about ready to toss these two in the trash as well because the nail polish leaked out of the pen into the cap and dried up, and now I can’t even open them anymore.  I tried soaking them in nail polish but it had no effect.

These days I prefer using these Sassy nail art pens for dotting.  They can be used as stripers too, which is pretty cool.  And they’re only around P36!  (You can check out my review on these pens HERE.)

I also bought a dotting tool from Etude House recently (P128) in case the color I want isn’t available in pen form.

These were a gift from Kat and Ate Love back in 2010.  Nail glitters (regular, heart and star).  I’ve only used the regular glitters but I think the hearts and stars are so cute.  I’ll definitely have to find some use for them someday.

Lastly, for gradient nails I like using these nail sponges.  I got this from Etude House (surprise surprise) but I can’t remember how much they cost.

And that’s it!  That’s pretty much everything I use on my nails.  (I used to have French manicure tip guide stickers but I lost them so these days I normally just use tape to make straight lines.)  I love buying nail art materials, but to be honest most of these you can make yourself.  Regular sponges or textured table napkins you see at the grocery can be used for gradient nails, bobby pins and pencils can be used as dotting tools and you can make your own nail striper brush (like I did) from an old bottle of clear polish.  You can even make your own nail stickers/decals using a plastic bag and nail polish (click HERE to see a tutorial I found on youtube).  You don’t really need to spend a lot of money to have pretty nails, you just have to be creative 😀  Nail art is supposed to be fun!

If you want to see some of the designs I’ve created using these materials, you can check out the “Nail Art” section of my blog by clicking HERE.


2 thoughts on “My nail polish collection and nail art materials

  1. special mention talaga ako. haha. kahiya XD anyways, thank you po. 🙂
    nakita ko pala ung sassy nail art pens kanina sa SM San Pablo, kaya lang red, green, & blue lang nandun. so di na ako bumili. next time na lang.

    • Hehe, siempre special mention 😀 Para sayo yung entry e.
      Yung white saka black nail art pens ang malimit ko gamitin 😀 Nakita ko sa isang blog na may pink din na Sassy nail art pen, pero hindi pa ako nakakakita sa stores 😀

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