INSTABITS : June 2012

Another month down.  We’re officially in the 2nd half of 2012.  Here’s my Instagram photo dump for June 😀


Started the month off by dropping by the office to report for my first day of work. They didn’t have anything yet for me to do since classes haven’t started yet, so they told me to come back next week, lol.


My Peter Pan inspired outfit which I wore when Ezra, Ckloy and I watched Snow White and the Huntsman at SM Calamba


Ezra and I had merienda at Slice N Dice while waiting for Ckloy to arrive from Manila


Ckloy arrived later than expected because the bus he was on broke down and he had to wait for the next one


The next day we went to Trinoma for Raffy’s celebration lunch at T.G.I.Fridays.  Congratulations Raffy for bagging the Programmer of the Year award! 😀


Trinoma haul. Finally got my hands on the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I broke out earlier this month and I read online that this might help.  My skin has improved but I can’t say for sure if it’s because of the mask.


Because I’ve been away from teaching for three years, the university required me to attend the week-long seminar on college teaching which they hold every year.  This is a haggard me after the first day of the seminar.  I met up with Amie at Freedom Park afterwards to unwind.


Day 2 of my teaching seminar. It was so cold inside the lecture hall that I kept drinking tea just to keep myself warm


The tea helped but I guess it wasn’t enough. By Day 3 I had caught a cold and lost my voice 😦


Day 5! Week-long teaching seminar is over! I survived! Hooray~


Current addiction. So much for my diet. (I was actually looking for the green Andes chocolate because I remember how much I loved those back in Burma, but they didn’t have them so I settled for this one. I was pleased to discover that they taste just as good :D)


I also bought this. Favorite chocolate ever 🙂 I rarely see it here in the Philippines so I was so excited when I saw it at SM Calamba.


My galaxy nail art earlier this month  😀  Used my nail sponge tool for the first time to make this


Ezra’s sweet tooth acted up again so we decided to make Oreo cupcakes


Bought this Reebok laptop backpack at Ross for $12 back in December. Used it for the first time this month.


Posted a preview of Ezra’s Rainmaker self portrait.  Took me forever to edit because I couldn’t get the rain to look right.


I’m all smiles after I survived my first week of classes 🙂


I attended the ToyCon with my cousins again this year.  This was my outfit 😀  Quoting Ezra – “You can never wear too much black sa cosplay.”


Toycon stamp 🙂

 IMG_20120618_114402   My Canon EF-S 18-55mm started going bonkers during Toycon.  I took it to the Canon store at Megamall and they told me that the blades are probably worn out  😦   So sad …  I use this lens for shooting my weekly self portraits.   May it rest in peace after 4 years of abuse


Red and black. My outfit for last Father’s day dinner at Isdaan.

Celebrating Father’s Day with the best dad in the world 🙂


Pink overload!  I didn’t have a desk at the office until around halfway through June so I spent a lot of time squatting on other people’s tables.


Eventually they provided me with my own table.  Huge desk is huge!   (Although I don’t really consider it a desk because it doesn’t have drawers.  I think this is meant to be a lab table XD)  I’m not sure if this will be my permanent “desk” but I’m just happy to finally have a table to place my things at the office.


 Later that same week I was also finally able to get my own keys to my office. No more worrying about getting locked out.


My pink addiction appears to have rubbed off on Ezra


I was browsing Tumblr the other day and found that fyeahvampireacademy posted my VA-inspired self portrait on their blog. Cool 😀


Kurt visited the Philippines for a week after a filming in Thailand.  Took this picture during a quick impromptu shoot I had with the couple before he left.


I missed having colored hair so I decided to finally use the Etude House Bubble Hair Dye that’s been lying around my room for the past few months.  It’s been a while since I last had red hair 🙂  The shade is called Wine Red, but Ezra likes calling it Ga In Red (as in Son Ga In from the Brown Eyed Girls – because she dyed her hair something similar during her WGM times).


Wapi and me at Rack’s where our family celebrated my Dad’s birthday and his parents’ wedding anniversary last Saturday.  (Yup, they fall on the same day, lol.)

That’s it for this month’s Instabits!  I haven’t been able to post much because my life now consists of lectures, meetings, experiments and committee work.  June was a pretty hectic month for me (which resulted to me getting sick twice) but I’m not going to complain.  I’m just extremely happy to be back teaching at the university.  Hopefully I’ll still feel the same by my next Instabits entry XD


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