Toycon 2012

Late upload –  Raffy’s been bugging me for weeks about these photos now.  Finally got the chance to resize and upload them.

Ezra, Ckloy and I attended our 6th Toycon this year, and we brought the boys (AKA our cousins) along. They all attended their first Toycon last year (except for Raffy who’s been going with us for years) and they had so much fun that they’ve been looking forward to this one for months now.


Quick shot of my outfit before leaving to meet up with our cousins.  A couple of people asked me who my character was, which was weird because I thought I looked pretty normal (except maybe for the boots?).  I had to tell them that I wasn’t cosplaying anyone.

We left the house at around 10am and arrived at the event around 11.

Toycon ticket

Our stamps. I wish they used arm bracelets instead because this rubbed off as soon as we washed our hands for lunch and had to get them re-stamped.

With my excited cousins (minus Gilbert who was off talking to the Samsung person about the new Galaxy SIII – and Raffy who hadn’t arrived yet)

We found this cool Stormtrooper cosplayer with his own working R2-D2.  I’m not sure how it worked (I’m guessing remote control or there was a tiny human inside XD) but it was awesome!

We spent what’s left of the morning going around the venue and admiring the displays before the crowd started arriving

I want these cute Toy Story collectibles!

Gilbert found love at the Maxi Collector booth XD

The boys had fun looking at the action figures but I was more interested in the shopping. I lingered around the booths that had stuff for sale and somehow ended up getting separated from the rest of the group. I tried to look for them but there were too many people.  In the end I decided that this was the best excuse to shop around by myself without having to worry about the boys getting bored XD

I bought my Hello Kitty glasses at the Chikara Hats booth:

They also sold other kinds of glasses there

I stopped by this booth to ask if they had any of the Vampire Academy graphic novels – unfortunately the didn’t 😦 I guess I’ll have to get it through Ebay.

Found lots of booths selling cute earrings and other accessories:

And a couple of booths selling  Nyx cosmetics:

(Check out my Toycon haul HERE)

Of course I also had to stop by the Johnny’s/K-pop booth:

I just browsed around here – even though I was sorely tempted to get those uchiwas

Hunger Games pins!

This was the booth where Ezra bought her red hair extensions

After a while I got a text from Gilbert telling me to meet up with them at the Philippine Dogtags booth where they were all having personalized dogtags made

Gilbert showing off his new tag

At around 12:30 we got a call from Raffy to tell us that he arrived at the mall. We decided to meet up with him at Sbarro so we can grab lunch together.   While waiting for our food, I made the boys try on my new Hello Kitty glasses:

AZN Wapi

Deus is not amused


(Ckloy arrived a short while later but he refused to wear my glasses, boo~)

Ezra and I tried them on too:

After eating we walked around a bit and dropped by The Atrium to regroup before heading back up to the event.  Here are some shots Ckloy took of Ezra and me while we waited for the rest of the gang to be ready:

Ezra and I asked Raffy to take our picture with Viel and Deus and this is what happened:

LOL.  My camera seems to have a crush on Viel – which is strange because I’m pretty sure that my camera’s a dude XD

After resting for a bit we all headed back up to the event. The boys wanted to just stay outside the venue because it was really crowded inside, but Ckloy and Raffy wanted to look around the booths since they just arrived.  In the end we decided that I would go with Ckloy and Raffy while Ezra went with the rest of the gang.  Since Ckloy had his camera with him, I let Ezra borrow my camera so she could take pictures of my cousins and the cosplayers.  They managed to take these pictures before my camera suddenly started going bonkers:

(You can probably tell that the boys made it their mission to take a picture with the prettiest cosplayers there XD)

Anyway, at this point my camera started acting up.  Ezra called to tell me that they couldn’t take any more pictures because it kept showing “Err99” whenever they tried.  I’ve never had that problem before so Ckloy and I went out of the convention hall to meet up with her and see what was wrong.  When we got there, we couldn’t get it to work either so we decided to take it to the Canon shop inside the mall and have it checked out.  I showed it to the guy working there and he told me that the blades were probably worn out.  But the good news was I could still use it as long as I kept the lens zoomed in.

Took this shot of Ezra inside the Canon shop to test if my lens would work – it did.  Yay~

Funny side story : When Ezra called to tell me to meet them outside after my camera started acting up, Ckloy and I couldn’t find Raffy inside the convention hall because it was too crowded.  Instead of trying to look for him (which seemed impossible at the time) we just called him up to tell him to meet us at The Atrium where we would be meeting Ezra and the boys.  But as soon as I got there and saw firsthand that my camera wasn’t working, I panicked and ran for the Canon shop, completely forgetting that Raffy was on his way to meet us.  We were halfway to the Canon shop when Ezra noticed that we were missing one person and we realized that Raffy wasn’t with us.  I checked my phone and saw that I had a bunch of texts and missed calls from him – whoops~  I immediately called him up and tried to pretend that I didn’t forget about him by telling him that it would be better if we met up at the Canon store instead because it was less crowded – but as soon as he got there Ezra yelled out “Eto na ang batang nakalimutan!”  (trans : “here comes the forgotten child“)  Doinks~  Needless to say he went all emo after that and I had to work some heavy lambing magic to make him happy again, lol.

Running around the mall wore us out so we decided to stop by Teriyaki Boy to grab some merienda and rest for a bit.

I had some froyo with dried mangoes, graham crumbs and caramel sauce – yummmm~ 

Took a picture of my new cellphone case which I got at the convention

Also managed to find this Chocobo beanie for Brinks 🙂

Aww, my baby ish so kyoooot~  Kweeeeeeh!

I kept tinkering around with my camera and taking random shots of people to make sure it was still working.  I found that it does fine as long as I kept the range between 24-55mm.  Anything below that and “Err99” appears on screen.

(Raffy pretending to be candid when in truth he was actually posing for the shot XD)

After this we headed back to the convention to take more pictures of the displays and the cosplayers.  Since my camera wasn’t in the mood to cooperate, most of the following shots you’ll see below were either taken by my phone or stolen from Ckloy’s camera:

So many Spideys 😀

Not sure who this dude is, but he’s so cute XD

This was supposed to be a solo shot of me fangirling over Thor but the boys decided to jump in and join me, lol

Ezra got in on the action too XD

Cute Avengers toys (and others XD)

The boys continued their mission of looking for pretty cosplayers:

Oh wait, that’s not a “pretty” cosplayer …  (He’s pretty awesome though XD)

(Deus was the least camera shy so he got the most pictures XD)

Ezra and I got a few photos with some cosplayers too:


Cutie Enma Ai

Ezra with Gray.  Funny story behind this photo – Ezra’s a huge fan of Fairy Tail, so when she spotted this Gray cosplayer inside the hall she really wanted a picture with him.  Unfortunately he was talking to someone at the time and we didn’t want to interrupt them, so we stood a few feet away and waited for them to finish.  However, he disappeared into the crowd as soon as they were done and we weren’t able to ask for a photo.  Ezra was feeling sad about missing her chance when all of a sudden he walked right in front of us.  She got so excited that she left our group and ran after him (this guy moves so fast!) with her arms stretched out.  After a few steps she realized she looked like some perv chasing after a guy without a shirt (who was probably 5 years younger than her) and ran back to our group.   She was so embarrassed that she grabbed Deus (who was nearest) and wouldn’t let go until she got over her humiliation XD  Anyway she had given up on getting her picture taken with him when we spotted him again outside the convention posing for pictures.  Ezra grabbed Ckloy (because he was the only one with a working camera) and dragged him to the Gray cosplayer before he could get away again, lol.

We also spotted Monique there twice:

She’s super pretty!

I look like such a mess next to her.  But she complemented my eyeshadow so I felt so honored 😀

It was getting late after this so we decided to leave the event and grab some dinner.  But first, Ezra and I stopped by Etude House to pick up a few stuff.  The boys stayed outside because all the pink intimidated them.  Gilbert was brave enough to pose next to this picture of Minho while they waited:

We decided to have dinner at Bubble Tea.  We were too hungry to take pictures during dinner, but here are two random shots Ckloy took of me looking at the menu, lol

Afterwards we stopped by the event one last time for some last minute shopping then headed home.  Ckloy took these cool panning shots of me on the way there:

 I love them 😀  Thanks baby!


We got home at around 11pm and had just enough energy to shower before collapsing on our beds.  Another super tiring event (my feet ached the next day) but it was worth it. Fun fun fun~  Can’t wait for next year!


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