Week 26/52 : Catching some Z’s

It’s been a month since the semester has started and I still haven’t adjusted to my schedule.  After bumming around at home for almost a year, I’ve adapted a semi-nocturnal lifestyle.  I’ve gotten used to sleeping at around 2am and waking up around noon.  Unfortunately I was assigned three 7-10am laboratory classes this semester, which means that I’m now suffering from serious lack of sleep.  You would think that after 5 weeks I would have learned to go to bed early, but it’s not that easy T__T  I keep looking forward to the weekend in hopes of catching up on some sleep, but so far I haven’t had much luck with that either.  My aunt is visiting us from California which means that our weekends have been packed with all sorts of family outings.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this coming week will be better.  I really need to catch up on some sleep.  I can’t believe how much stuff I had to do lately. I don’t remember being this busy back when I taught 3 years ago. Mostly I just worried about preparing for my classes, which didn’t really take that long after the first semester. I remember I had a bunch of free time – which I spent watching J-doramas and getting familiarized with Photoshop. These days I can’t even find enough time to sleep!   I really miss doing photomanipulations 😦


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