Photoshoot : Kurt and Ezra

More pictures from my impromptu shoot with Ezra and Kurt, as promised 😀

Kurt was in Thailand last month for his final school project so he decided to swing by the Philippines for a week to say hello to Ezra and his relatives before heading over to Japan to visit his mom.  He’s a film student and he was required to shoot and produce a short indie  film with some of his classmates.  I don’t know anyone who studies film so it was cool to hear about all the things that goes on behind the scenes.  He showed us a few of their story boards and the some of the actors/actresses the casting director chose for their movie.  Anyway, after filming was over he was able to fly over here for a quick visit.  He didn’t have a lot of time but we managed to squeeze a quick shoot in despite our busy schedules.

I already posted one shot I took that day for Ezra’s 25th self portrait this year, but here are the rest of the pictures:

(This was the shot I posted in a previous entry)

We only took a few shots since I was sick that day and we didn’t really have anything planned.  Plus it was raining lightly that afternoon so we weren’t even sure how the pictures were going to turn out.  But thankfully we’re very happy with the end results.

Here’s one last solo photo of Ezra to end this entry:

The light was gorgeous that day!  But I especially love this shot because it shows her eye make up (which I did for her XD)


2 thoughts on “Photoshoot : Kurt and Ezra

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