It’s all about the money

I’ve been working for about a month and a half now and I still haven’t gotten my my first paycheck. I’m not panicking (yet) because I know this is normal for new UPLB employees.   When I worked here for the first time back in 2006, I think I got my first paycheck around mid-July.  I called HRDO last week and they told me that the “council” (I can’t remember if that was the word they used to describe the important people who would be signing our papers) would meet on the 25th, so hopefully I’ll get my salary shortly after that.

Anyway, in anticipation of my first paycheck, I’ve made a list of things I plan to spend my money on 😀

1. A new flat iron I still haven’t replaced my old broken one. Ezra has kindly been letting me use hers these past few weeks 

(It doesn’t have to be pink, but I have seen a few pink VS flat irons around … hmmm…)

2. New clothes for teaching – After spending 3 years as a full time student, my closet is now mostly composed of bright shirts, jeans and mini skirts. While I do love them, I am told that they are not appropriate for lectures.  It looks like I’m in need of a serious wardrobe makeover.

The good news is that teacher clothes doesn’t mean boring clothes anymore – I can be decent and be cute too right?

3. A hair spa treatment – My hair is in some serious need for TLC!

4. A full tank of gas – It’s been years since my car has gotten an entire tank. I normally just load P500-1000 worth, and these days I can’t even afford that. My dad took pity on me the other week and had P2000 worth of gas put in, and I’ve been conserving it since then. Hopefully it will last until I get my salary.


5. Shoes I’m thinking of getting either a new pair of flats or new sneakers


6. Vampire Academy and Dark Swan graphic novels – I saw these on Ebay months ago (back when I was still reading the books) and I promised myself that I will have them.  My obsession with the books have faded slightly but I’m still thinking of getting the graphic novels if I ever find myself with some extra cash.


7. A new camera lens or an external flash – it’s been 3 years since I last bought anything for my camera.  I’ve been thinking of getting an external flash, but my 18-55mm kit lens has been having some problems so I might have to find a replacement for that first.  I’m still thinking about which lens to buy though.  I don’t really have anything particular in mind as of the moment…



8. Lash extensions This is something I’m still thinking about as well.  I’ve been seeing some of my favorite bloggers/vloggers getting lash extensions (SLOAB, Xiaxue, etc…) and they seem really nice, but I’m not sure if I would be able to maintain them.  I tend to rub my eyes a lot, and I wash my face vigorously at night – two things that you aren’t supposed to do when you have the extensions on.  I’m worried that I might not be able to keep the lashes on for more than a week if I ever decide to get them.  But we’ll see 🙂

(picture taken from Xiaxue’s blog)

My salary isn’t that big so this is a pretty ambitious list for me, but hey – a girl can dream right?  😀   Hopefully within a few months I’ll have most of these things – and more! 😀   The good news is that my dad took pity on me (again) last week and offered to lend me some money until I get my paycheck, so it looks like I’ll be able to check some of these items off sooner than expected.  Hooray!

Hair spa anyone? XD


8 thoughts on “It’s all about the money

  1. sayang ate Carmi. nagsale ung VS, exclusive for their pink flat irons. hehe. magpapahaba pa muna ako ng buhok bago bumili ng ganun para makapagpaturo na rin ako sa inyo. hehe. lecturer na rin po kayo? 🙂

    • Talaga? Tapos na yung sale? Waaaah~ Sayang! Although iniisip ko pa kung yung pink nga yung bibilhin ko. Wala kasi ata temperature control yun e. (Or yung wet-to-dry feature yung wala, di ko maalala. Basta may isang feature yung old flat iron ko na hindi available sa kanya.) Pero sayang parin 😦

      Hehe, madali lang naman gumamit ng flat iron e. Kailangan lang maingat ka kasi baka madamage yung hair mo pag masyadong mataas yung heat.

      Yup, lecturer ako ng Physics 3 this sem 🙂 Isa sa fave subjects ko na ituro yun kaya masaya ako 😀

  2. di po ako sure kung tapos na. nasa EOS sale po kasi ako nung jul14 sa megamall. dumaan po ako sa watsons at nakita ko un. inofferan pa nga ako nung saleslady na bumili kasi sale nga pero tinanggihan ko. try nyo pa rin po tingnan. 🙂
    at sa wakas nakapunta na po ako sa etude house megamall! woooh! pink! haha. di lang po ako satisfied sa mga tao dun. XD
    wow! talaga po? cool! balitaan nyo po ako kung ano gagawin nyo sa physics fair at manonood ako, kung sisipagin XD

    • Dumaan ako SM kahapon, sale parin sila 😀 Pero hindi yung pink binili ko, yung wet to dry ceramic. Almost exact model nung luma ko, pero silver na sya hindi na gold, hehe. Yung mga pink kasi 10% off, yung regular 20% off. Nagulat ako kasi halos kasing price na tuloy sya nung bili ko sa old iron ko 6 years ago. Mas mahal lang ng P200, hehe.

      Bakit hindi ka satisfied sa mga tao sa Etude House? Hindi ba sila hospitable? Swertehan lang minsan e. Sometimes may mababait na SA, minsan naman mga suplada na galit pa pag nagtanong ka.

      Ang alam ko parang Philippine games yung project ng Phys3 this sem, parang last sem din. Sa Phys 81 naman rockets 🙂 Nood ka, masaya yun, hehe. lagi din nanonood si Ez ng Physics Fair kasi madaming funny stuff na nangyayari lagi XD

  3. no welcome princess 😦 haha. ang babaw. at may item akong kinuha na walang price, so may tinanong akong staff. then apparently, mas mahal pala siya accdg sa cashier. 😦 basta not so good experience.

    masaya pa rin angry birds! nanood po ba kayo nun? hehe. the best un!!! HAHA 😀

  4. ate, first etude house visit ko un. kaya traumatizing. lol. joke lang. try ko na lang sa ibang branches. hehe. last year po un. as in 1st sem AY 2011-2012. busy po yata kayo sa thesis nyo nun kaya di nyo na rin nabalitaan. hehe. super nakakapagod ung preparation dun. XD pero super saya! 😀

    • Haha, ganun? Hindi rin maganda ang first Etude House visit ko e, kaya wala ako binili nun, sumilip lang talaga ako. Siguro naging mataas lang expectations ko kasi balita ko nga na dapat super accommodating sila, pero oks lang. Yung mga sumunod ko na visit madami naman ako naencounter na mababait na SA kaya kung ano ano na nabili ko 😀
      Ah oo, thesis times ko nga yan. (Actually buong 2011 thesis times ko, hehe. Dami kasi ginagawa e XD)

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