I miss these little guys

WARNING: Adorable post ahead 🙂

Our dog gave birth on the last week of June, and it reminded me that I still haven’t posted these pictures of our puppies from last January.  Sadly these cutie pies have all been sold so they’re no longer with us, but at least we’ll always have these pictures to remember them by.  Besides, the family who bought them (they were sold together) seemed nice and we believe they were given a good home.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to resize these photos yesterday.  They’ve been sitting in my “upload” folder for months now.  These first few pictures were taken when they were about a month old and we took them out to play in our garden for the first time.

We had four puppies back then, but they always ganged up on the other one (which ironically was the biggest of the four) so we kept having to separate them.

This little guy was our favorite.  We called him Kwonnie.  (Ezra named him – she loves Jo Kwon from 2AM)

This one’s Jea (from the Brown Eyed Girls, lol).  She was Ckloy’s favorite because she was the smallest out of the four, but she had a lot of spunk.

This was the one they bullied a lot – we called her Minzy.  (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, we’re big fans of Kpop XD)

Last but not least, meet Eeyore.  (Surprise surprise!  A non K-pop name XD)  We called him that because he’s so mellow unlike his siblings who were always running around

Look at him chewing on that dead leaf – so adorable~

Jea and Kwonnie were more destructive and preferred to chew on things that were still alive – like my mom’s plants

Jea taking a break from destroying my mom’s garden

Minzy stayed clear of her siblings and explored the garden by herself


Eeyore chillin in the grass while his siblings ran around

Ckloy managed to distract Jea from her destruction of our garden by calling her over to play with her

Whoops, it looks like Kwonnie wants to play too

He approaches Ckloy cautiously

A little bit closer … Eeyore got bored of sitting around and decided to see what was up with his brother.


Kwonnie : “This wasn’t what I had in mind” ; Eeyore : “Chill man, it’s cool~”

About two weeks after this we took them out to play again while we waited for our vet to arrive to give them their shots.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but these little guys grew so fast!  Look at them:

This is Jea – with her ears standing fully upright already

Here’s Kwonnie

And Eeyore.  (The guys’ ears are a bit bigger than Jea’s so they were still a bit floppy at this stage)

Eeyore looking funny with just one ear standing up, lol

Apparently he lost his mellow side and learned to be more cheerful and “smile-y” during those two weeks

Look at him so happy


Whenever he felt neglected he liked to remind us of his presence by giving us a small friendly nip XD

Here’s Kwonnie again with his big ears still folded.  He’s a big whiner so we expected him to cry when he got his shots but surprisingly he was all smiles the entire time

Jea was very brave and well behaved during her session too.  (Actually they were all brave – none of them cried)

They were sold shortly after this so I wasn’t able to take more photos 😦  I miss them but I’m sure that their new owners make sure they’re properly cared for.  I do wish they’d email us a photo like they promised though, these little guys must be huge by now.  We’d really love to see how they’re doing these days.

(I apologize for posting this so late, but hopefully the adorableness of this post makes up for it XD)


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