(EZRA) 27/52 : We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

Still desperately trying to catch up~  We’re a month behind now T__T

She’s smiling in this photo because she realized that most of her self portraits are too serious.  She’s actually a very smiley person (once you get to know her) in real life so she decided to try to look happier in her pictures.  The problem is that she has a hard time smiling for the camera when it comes to her self portraits.  She’s fine with candid shots during family vacations or when she’s out with her friends, but for some reason when I try to get her to smile during our shoots she always complains that her smile looks fake and makes me delete the photo, lol.

She’s wearing her new wig in this photo.  She’s still entertaining the idea of cutting her hair shorter, but she’s always backing out at the last minute.  The solution she came up with is just to buy more short wigs XD

Quote in the title is from Mother Teresa.


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