INSTABITS : July 2012

Instagram photo dump for July.  This was another extremely busy month so I only managed to upload a handful of photos.

Started off the month by buying a new pair of jelly shoes.  I love the dainty flower details and the fact that it’s made of some kind of rubber/plastic, which means I can wear them when it’s raining and not worry about getting them dirty and wet.


In fact, I love it so much that I bought another pair in black 🙂  I wore the hell out of these shoes this month, I just adore them!  I normally prefer sneakers or flats but these are so comfy that I have no problem wearing them everyday.


The first time I wore the nude shoes I paired it with this dress I got at the bazaar (which I also wore for the first time XD).  Our family went to church and had dinner later with Ninang, Raffy and Kurt’s family at Isdaan.


One of my favorite outfits this month was this dress. It was a gift from Ezra.  I wore it for our APhy Freshman orientation – I was the emcee.


July was a hectic month for Brinks as well so she took a few days off to relax.  Unfortunately I couldn’t relax with her because of all the things I had to do at the office, but we did manage to meet up for a quick lunch at Black Brew.  (Brinks is glowing from being so happy to be back in LB XD)


Random shot of Ckloy and me before he cut his hair


Took this while I prepared my powerpoint for my Phys 3 class.  Am I vain for using my own photos in my lecture slides? XD


My favorite nail art this month – pink and black crackle nails


Painted my office keys 🙂 (I made a blog post about this which you can see by clicking HERE.)


The Math Division at our Institute is short on teachers again so a few of us Physics people were asked to handle some Math 11 recitation sections.  Most of the time we just have to give short lectures and conduct exercises, but we are also asked to give full lectures occasionally.   A one-hour lecture at Math Building leaves me (and most teachers) dehydrated, so April and I picked up some Moonleaf on our way back to PhySci one afternoon before we dove into the pile of quizzes we needed to check.


Despite my busy schedule I managed to squeeze in a quick hair spa because my hair badly needed some TLC.  Unfortunately Ate Cecil is off on Thursdays (which is my free day) so Metrohair assigned me to someone else.


The result of my hair spa 😀  I love it~  Ezra came with me and kept me company while I got my hair done.  Afterwards we dropped by the bi-monthly bazaar and picked up some Korean ice cream on the way home.


Got these 7 items for less than P1000 at the bazaar 😀


It’s been raining pretty much nonstop this entire month so I dug out some of my “cold-weather” clothes XD


Finally got a new flat iron to replace my old broken one. SM had it on sale for 20% off 🙂


Ezra, Ckloy and I watched Ice Age 4 and The Amazing Spiderman at SM Calamba. Andrew Garfield is ❤  And Emma Stone is adorable!   I like this new Spiderman much better than the old one(s).


Found this note stuck to my table one morning when I came to work.  My officemate’s daughter left it for me. She’s a big fan of Adventure Time and is always commenting on how everything I own is pink, lol. (Does anyone know how Princess Bubblegum in a sinking ship looks like??)


Ckloy and I decided to sign up for the FPPF 3rd LB Basic Photography Workshop.  It starts on August 19 but we paid and reserved our slots early so we can avail of their early bird discount.


Ezra dropped by the office to have lunch with me one afternoon

Another rainy day outfit 🙂  Used my iPod to take these pictures because I miss using the iDarkroom app.  It’s one of my favorite photo editing apps.  I wish it was available for Android too.


Beulah left for Ohio this month to pursue her graduate studies so Amie and I went to Trinoma to have one last dinner with her

photo (3)

Group shot in the bathroom XD  (I’m going to miss Lynne too T__T)


Bon voyage Beulahlah! We’ll miss you!


Brinks dropped by one weekend for some kupo bonding time 🙂  (And to play with our puppies)


When Amie and I went to Manila to meet up with Beulah we also stopped by UPD to pick up my thesis manuscript at the CS Graduate Office.  It makes me so happy to see all my hard work in a neat little bundle.


(I don’t know why my photos always turn out blurry after I upload them to Instagram … Can someone tell me how to fix it?)  Anyway, this was part of the screenshot I took after I got my first Daily Deviation on deviantart.  I made a blog entry about it HERE.


Like I said earlier, its been raining heavily the entire month, especially during the last week.  Typhoon Gener made its way over here and wreaked all sorts of havoc.  Because of this, classes were suspended for 2 days – which meant I got to catch up on some much needed sleep 🙂

That ends my Instabits entry for July.  I’m still busier than ever, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.  I love the fact that I’m back in LB and teaching again.   I may not have been able to post all the wonderful moments July had in store for me, but I can honestly tell you that there were a lot.  Let’s hope August will be just as amazing 😀


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    • Thank you 😀 I got it at Cartimar for about P500, but you can find it in a lot of places. I saw it at Landmark Trinoma a few weeks ago, but they were selling it for P700+. My mom also found it at small stores in San Pablo and they were being sold for just P300 🙂

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