INSTABITS : August 2012

I started out last month’s Instabits entry with pictures of my new jelly wedges.  Coincidentally, my first post for August is another shot of shoes – my old sneakers this time.  And no, I didn’t plan this.


I bought these back around 2004, in Bangkok.  They used to be my favorite pair.  I think the last time I wore these sneakers was in college


Speaking of Bangkok, my mom bought me this skirt during one of her visits there years ago.  Its been hibernating in my closet since I didn’t know what to pair it with.  I finally wore it for the first time this month.  (Ezra calls this my elementary school teacher outfit XD)


My Physics 3 students took their first lecture exam last August 2. I gave bonus points to those who wore animal ears.  Aren’t they cute?  I loved seeing how resourceful my students are 🙂


I used this answer key and a green highlighter to check the multiple choice part of their exam.  It looked gross by the time I finished checking all 148 exam papers.  Based on the damage I can say that a lot of students got #13, 14, 17, 21 & 30 wrong.


An exciting event for the Physics Division people this month was Alex’s and Kuya Darwin’s wedding last August 4 (blog entry to follow … I hope).  Here’s a shot of the newlyweds sharing their first dance as a married couple 🙂


What I wore to the wedding.  Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her sash and shoes 😀  (Hmm … I hate how Photo Grid makes my pictures pixelated …)

photo (6)

Here’s a clearer shot I took with my DSLR and transferred to my iPod.  I managed to take a few vain shots of myself in the car while waiting for Kat to finish getting ready so we could go to the wedding together.


Photobooth pictures from the wedding.  That reminds me, I promised the Physics people I would get these scanned.  Oops.


A random picture of my screen while I edited my self portrait


Took this one morning while I was trying to decide if I should keep my eyeliner on. I had some sort of stye/eye allergy and I was worried makeup will just make it worse… (but my inner kikay cringed at the thought of facing 150+ students without make up so I ended up keeping it on.  Thankfully my eye turned out okay.)


Nail art a few weeks ago.  It’s been a while since I last used nail stickers.


View of the Humanities building from the Phy. Sci. steps.  No students because this was taken on a Saturday.


Random shot of my shoes (well, part of it) while waiting for the MatPhy seminar to start.


Ckloy and I had our first photography class last August 19 (blog entry HERE).  It was great!  We learned so much 😀  (The camera in the picture is not mine, it belongs to one of our classmates.)


Picture of Ckloy and me while waiting for our turn to get our ID picture taken at the workshop

Our “class photo” from Day 1 of our photography workshop. (Stolen from Matrix Photo Studio’s FB page XD)


I didn’t get my salary for June/July until last Friday, but I was able to get my allowance for June-August a few weeks ago.  I celebrated by dropping by the bazaar/garage sale and buying “new” clothes.  It seems I have a soft spot for flowy white blouses.


Rainy day outfit.  Same thing I wore to ToyCon this year except I pulled the skirt down a bit to make it look more decent, lol.


Our photography class gives us weekly assignments.  One of the themes was “black on black”.  Here’s the setup I used.  (But in the end I went with the theme “shallow depth of field”.)


I was too lazy to grade papers one afternoon at the office, so instead I took the time to prettify this old box that I use to store my students’ lab reports 🙂


Got my hands on some bookends too. Now my desk looks so much more organized 🙂


On the 2nd day of photography workshop they gave us our IDs.  (This time that’s my camera in the picture).


We didn’t have a model for our portrait practice shoot that day so our instructor “volunteered” me for the job.  Here he is giving his critique on one of the photos our classmate took.


Met up with my girls during one of the long weekends (we had two of them this August).  It feels good to see them again.  We had dinner/dessert at Dairymoor.  (Again, I hate how Photo Grid makes my photos so pixelated!!)


I’m so tall XD  (Okay, this one is my fault, not Photo Grid’s.  I used the zoom, and I have extremely shaky hands.)  This was taken before Ezra and I left to go to SM Calamba to meet up with Amie, Kat and April during that same long weekend.


Ezra bought a  new cellphone casing. I think my love of pink is rubbing off on her.


Merienda at The Old Spaghetti House with Amie, April and Ezra.  (Kat had already left by this time because she had to meet someone.)


Some of my haul that day (rollers, hair brush, hand soap, pouch, lip brush, cosmetic sponge, and salonpas XD)

x  IMG_20120824_085221

I also picked up the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Crush.  I’ve been waiting forever for these to reach the Philippines.  I really love the color and how moisturizing it is, but I’m not to impressed with the “stain”.  It fades too quickly for my taste.


Bought these earphones on sale last December but never got the chance to use them until about two weeks ago because my old ones stopped working.  I love how this comes with a volume control thingie. (What do you call those anyways?)

photo (8)

I bought a new cellphone case from Festival Mall last week.  I love it, it reminds me of a chocobo (from Final Fantasy). “Kweeeeeh!”


My outfit last Friday 🙂  Bought the top last year but never got the chance to wear it because it’s too much for everyday wear, but perfect for lectures XD  (Although Amie insists that it’s a bathrobe and not a blouse, hmf.)


Amie and I don’t have classes on Friday afternoons so we usually just grade papers or prepare for next week’s lessons.  Tring usually comes to visit me in between classes and Ezra comes over for lunch.  (Oh!  Did I mention that she’s working now?  She got a job at CPAF as a Research Assistant.  We love that her office is near mine.  This way we can have lunch together everyday.)  Last Friday Ezra and I finished our lunch quickly so we could pretend to be make up artists for Amie and Tring.  I put concealer and powder on them, and Ezra did their lips and eyes.  (Photo Grid finally released an HD option for their app, weeee~  No more uber pixelated photos :D)


In return, Amie braided my hair for me.  I love it.  I look like Pipi Longstocking ^__^


Amie also braided Tring’s hair for her.  Hair twins!  🙂

And that’s it for this month’s Instabits entry 😀  I really loved August, so much interesting stuff going on.  I’m so lucky to have been able to return to the Physics Divison to teach again, because I love my job (and the people I work with).  It can get stressful at times, like all jobs, but there’s nothing like the feeling of  going home every day and knowing you’ve accomplished something great 🙂

Another thing that made this month fun was my photography workshops with FPPF.  Ckloy and I are really enjoying them, and we’re learning so much.  I’m kinda sad that we only have 1 session left until it ends, but I suppose all good things must come to an end..


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