Hello Bohol!

(Once again, a super late blog post.  I have a bunch of entries and pictures lined up, but no time to write them 😦  This trip actually happened 4 months ago, but I couldn’t find the time to finish blogging about it.  I’d open it, write a few lines, and close it again because I’d remember that there was something I had to do for work.  But at least it’s done now.)

Last May, my parents had their 28th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, they decided to take the entire family out to explore Bohol.  They’ve been there several times before (it was even part of their honeymoon tour), but Ezra and I have never had the chance to go with them, so they figured that this was the perfect excuse to take us.

Our flight was at 10am so we left the house around 6am in case we run into some traffic.  Ezra and I took forever to get ready (as always) so we ended up having to skip breakfast.  We were starving by the time we arrived at the airport!  Luckily we found a stall selling hot arroz caldo.


(Amie’s always amazed at how I can camwhore using my DSLR.  I tell her it’s all for the sake of vanity.)

See? (I love this shot because of Ezra’s expression in the corner.  She was showing me this new manga that she started reading, but I was too busy being vain to notice her XD)

Garcia girls and some random lady at the background looking shocked

We had about an hour to kill before our flight.  Ezra and I spent it reading manga and ebooks while my mom graded papers.  (She’s a bit of a workaholic.  This is supposed to be their anniversary celebration but she brought so much work along with her!)

Ezra finally got my attention by showing me this bishounen

The airport had wifi so I passed the time browsing Facebook and Instagram

Finally, we’re on the plane!

Our flight was about an hour and a half long.  I spent most of it fast asleep.  I woke up a few minutes before we landed and started taking pictures of the view outside my window.

CLOUDS~  I love clouds 😀

We’re almost there!

Look how green everything is!  So pretty~

We arrived at the Tagbilaran Airport a little after 11am

The airport in Bohol was smaller than I expected

It’s not everyday you see a plane parked next to cars XD  (Well, not for me anyway … )

We had to wait a while before we were able to get our bags because they were stuck at the bottom of the pile.  We were one of the last ones who left.

Since we don’t have any relatives in Bohol, we arranged to have one of the resort staff pick us up at the airport.

We stayed at the Blue Water  Beach Resort in Panglao.  It was beautiful there, and the staff were all really nice and accommodating.

Check out the pool:

Makes you feel like jumping right in there, huh?

The rooms at the resort had sliding glass doors.  Ezra and I made sure that the curtains were completely closed every night because we have this fear of people watching us while we sleep.  (Blame it on all the horror/thriller movies we watched as kids.)

Inside the room:

I love how the bed looks like it’s floating 🙂  (I actually posted a picture of it in a previous Instabits entry back in July)

It looks more “magical” here

The work/vanity table

The bathroom

I love the motif 🙂

The bathroom was huge and lovely but it made me super paranoid.  About 1/3 of the ceiling was made of glass!  When I lie in the bathtub I can look up and actually see the sky!!  I suppose it’s meant to be relaxing for the guests, but it kinda stressed me out because I kept looking up to make sure no one was watching.

All the rooms came with a dock for your iPod.  Kewl~

Parents loving their room 😀  (Ezra’s and my room weren’t ready yet when we arrived, so we had to temporarily squat in their room for about an hour.)

Love this shot Ez took of me.  It makes me look so much taller than I really am XD

One last shot in the room before we headed out for lunch

The resort had a restaurant, but it was located in a different building so we had to take this golf cart to get there

Ezra and I enjoyed every minute it 😀  We’ve only been on a golf cart a handful of times.  Plus, check out the view on the way to the restaurant, what’s not to love:

I wish we had time for a quick shoot, but our schedule was pretty packed

We’re here!

The restaurant’s name was Aplaya

We munched on some dinner rolls and took advantage of the free wifi while we waited for our food

Ezra and I ordered bibimbap

Our parents went with the adobo rice which the waiter recommended.  It was super yummy!  (We ordered it again for dinner XD)

After lunch we walked around the area and took some pictures

There was another pool there, right next to the restaurant

Can’t wait to go swimming!

We headed to the beach area to take more pictures

On the way there we saw this little hut reserved for massages

Not really sure what this is.  But I think those hanging things are wind chimes.

Ezra and my mom with their umbrella, lol.  They hate the sun.

This is where we found the “Armadillo Chair” which I used in my 19th self portrait this year.

I like this shot, but I hated my bangs that day!  I didn’t have time to style it properly that morning since we had to leave so early.

Does this place look familiar?

This was where Ezra had HER 19th self portrait.

Behind the scenes from my dad’s camera XD

Some rejected shots:

My parents took a bunch of photos of themselves too while waiting for us to finish.  (My dad brought his tripod along so he had fun setting it up and posing everywhere XD)

View from the resort

We wanted to stay longer but the heat got to us, so we headed back to the restaurant and asked them to call the resort so they could pick us up.

My parents had fun posing in this little hut while we waited for the golf cart to arrive

Back at the resort, we napped for about 2 hours before heading out again to attend mass at the resort’s MPR

My dad waiting for me while I took pictures

After mass we rushed back to our rooms to change and jump in the pool.  The water was perfect.  We wanted to stay there for hours but they closed at 8pm 😦  We showered after that and got ready to head back to the restaurant for dinner.

Waiting for Ezra to finish getting ready

Whoops, she spotted the camera 😀

Ezra and I shared the Angus beef burger for dinner.  It was super yummy.  One of the best burgers I’ve had I think 🙂

The restaurant staff surprised my parents with this complimentary cake they prepared for them.

Making a wish while cutting the cake

Family photo taken by our waitress.  (Super belated) Happy anniversary Ma and Da!

I’ll end this entry here, but there’s more to come from our Bohol trip.  Hopefully it will take me less than four months this time~


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