A happy birthday indeed :)

As I’ve mentioned in my last blog entry, my birthday was last week.  Unfortunately I had classes from 7am to 6pm that day, so by the time I was done with work I wasn’t really in the mood to go out.  Also, my mom was out of the country then, so I decided to just have a quiet dinner at home with Ezra, my dad, Gilbert and Amie, and save the celebration for when my mom returned.  But before she left, she and my dad made sure that my birthday present was taken care of.  So meet my new baby:

Canon EOS 60D!  (He doesn’t have a name yet, and I’m not sure if he’ll ever get one.  I had my old Rebel XTi for 4 years and I never gave him a name – I just called him “Rebel”.  Maybe I’ll ask Ezra to help me think of a name for this guy, she’s good at that.)

Anyway, you’ve probably already seen him in my previous blog entry, but here are some more shots of him:

It has an LCD panel which shows the current settings you are using.  You can also adjust the drive, AF, ISO and metering modes here by just pressing the respective button and using the dial.  I haven’t really gotten used to this yet since I normally have to look at the monitor with my old camera and make the changes there, but I suppose this is helpful for quick adjustments.

I went with the 18-135mm kit lens since my dad bought a new 18-55mm to replace my old broken one.

When I first got my hands on this camera, I thought the mode dial was broken because I couldn’t move it.  It turns out I have to press the mode dial lock-release button in the center.  (My old Rebel didn’t have that feature, so this is new to me.)

The LCD monitor shows a lot more information about your current settings compared to my old Rebel.  This camera also has Live View so you can choose to display what you’re shooting on the monitor instead of the settings.  (But I still prefer to use the viewfinder since using Live View makes the camera focus so much slower.)

The monitor is a flip-out type so you can rotate it and even face it inward for protection when you’re not using it.

Ta-dah!  The best thing about this kind of monitor is that it makes taking self portraits so much easier.  I can just twist it around and have it face me while I’m posing.  No more guessing if I’m in the frame or not.  And you can see yourself instantly and adjust your pose instead of having to run to the camera after each shot to see how it looks.

The camera came with a free bag when we bought it:

I love the design but I wish it was a bit bigger.  The 18-55mm lens is a little big so my camera takes up the entire space when I put it inside the bag.  I don’t have room to bring an extra lens with me (unless I detach the lens from the camera body and store them in the bag separately).

I’ve only had my new baby for about 2 weeks and I’ve been extremely busy with work so I haven’t had that much time to play around with it.  I haven’t even taken my first real self portrait with it (but I have taken a few practice shots to test the flip out monitor, and I’ve taken Ezra’s self portrait).  Anyway the long weekend’s coming up, so I’d probably take it out for a spin soon 😀

My 60D and Rebel XTi boxes 🙂  (My dad used my old Rebel for a while before deciding that he wanted a new camera too, so he’s now the proud user of a new Canon 600D.  Brinks asked if I was willing to give her my old camera and Sir Romar offered to buy it from me but Ezra had already called dibs on it.  Sorry guise~ ^___^)

Thanks Ma and Da for my new toy!  I promise to make good use of it  😀


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